Life Lately: What’s Up?

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This was initially more like a post-thanksgiving post where I take time to list down all the things that I’m thankful for the past year but I guess this is a good time to explain why I was in a not-so-long hiatus on the blog.

So what’s up? Seriously, what’s up Kristine?

I haven’t really been blogging that much probably because (1) I’m lazy to open up my laptop and my phone isn’t really that accessible to the photos in our hard drive, (2) I am still uninspired to write anything up and (3) I’m just really lazy. :p

Let’s Talk About The Things I’m Thankful For

Looking back, last year’s Thanksgiving post was about long distance relationship couples who have something to say and something that would like to thank about. And that same year, I have been thankful because of having a clean state heart and in fact a happy heart. It wasn’t the memories that hit me, instead the realizations I am having right now and in the past few days.

And this year, as I am writing and finishing this Thanksgiving post – I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for whether small or big things that had happened in my life in 2016.

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