Updated Bullet Journal Spread | June 2021

I meant to post this end of last month, but I figured I wait a little to see if the spread I currently have is working for me. I shared on my Instagram last month that I changed my bullet journal and how I track and write everything on it.

Bullet journaling played a role on my life. I have and still trying to keep doing bullet journal for almost few years. Unfortunately, most of them do not work out – not the journal itself but how they were setup. One thing I like about bullet journaling is that you can customize it the way you wanted it.

Life Lately: Holidays, Festival and BTS

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog with a personal posts and also a way for me to do a mini photo dump.

Happy September! How fast was this year, right? I can’t believe we’re already on our month nine and soon it’ll be Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Year! As I was finishing this post, I was seeing light at the end of this pandemic, but because of the new variant, everything has to pause and be on lockdown again. This pandemic made me realized a lot, it’s scary but it’s something. I still get anxious going out even though I am fully vaccinated, the thought of going out and being around a whole lot of people still scares me.

Spring Clothing Haul 2021

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion guru nor a fashion blog. I just wanted to document and share you guys the recent Shein and other stuffs I purchased for myself.

(Some of the items on this post were all items I got back in January)

If you are new to my blog, hello hello! Like mentioned in the disclaimer, I am not a fashion guru, fashion blog nor into fashion honestly. I am that type of person who sticks with comfortable clothing- such as: sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings and t-shirts. Mostly clothings that are large enough to make me feel comforable.

I am already in my thirties so why not change up the way I see things, wear stuffs and clothings. And also, I was influenced by my younger sister who first changed her wardrobe— we’re both into sweatshirts, leggings type of comfortable clothing.

First Time Visiting New Hope, PA

I have been wanting to visit New Hope in Pennsylvania since my sister and her boyfriend always spend their dates in the place. Yes, in short I got curious what’s in New Hope –

“New Hope is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Located approximately 30 miles North of Philadelphia and lies on the west bank of Delaware River at its confluence with Aquetong Creek. Two lane New Hope – Lambertville Bridge carries automobile and foot traffic across Delaware to Lambertville, New Jersey on east bank.” – Wikipedia

Finding Happiness in Small Things

I was listening to the podcast “The Single Millennial” on Spotify when I felt like jotting down some of the stuffs I have in my heart.

I have neglected myself and the small things that made me happy because the world and environment I am currently at right now feels so tight and full of negativity. To start this month – I vowed to myself that even if life throws a bunch of rocks, I will stay optimistic and staying my head high and trying to find happiness in small things.