Top Five Christmas Songs on my Playlist

I’ve started to play some Christmas tunes on my way to work, while working and on my way home. Holiday is really getting closer and closer. We already made a week in December, few more weeks then hello new year!

On the fifth day of blogmas, I am sharing you guys my top five Christmas songs. Back home in the Philippines, by month of September, malls would already start playing Filipino singer Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas Songs. Take a peak of his tunes, you’ll love them!

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My Christmas Tag

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! Especially when you are in The Philippines. Celebrating Christmas here in the US is really different from what I am used to, but it is still special knowing that I get to celebrate Christmas with my parents.

It makes me feel nostalgia and remember our Christmas celebration in the Philippines back in 2016.

On the third day of Blogmas, I decided to do a Christmas Tag inspired by Little White Socks, view hers here: LINK.

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