Goodbye, February

This month flew so fast. I can still feel some Philippine air and I still feel so jet lagged or I’m just that lazy….lol but nonetheless, goodbye awesome February! And this month, I have been MIA on the blog and haven’t posted anything, though honestly I drafted few notes on my paper and on my phone. I guess I didn’t have that time to write them here. Anyways, how are you guys? I missed you all, I missed writing and I missed reading blogs.

Well like I said, this month flew soooo fast! And in couple weeks I’ll be turning another year older. Boo! So what’s up with me? Anything new? Well no, same old stuff going on in my life. I’ve been getting more sleep on my weekends off, so that’s a new thing. Also spending lots of time watching Spongebob Squarepants and that’s another reason why I’m not writing….getting distracted with the show.

Thank You, 2016!

Few things why I am writing this post: (1) I miss writing/blogging and (2) I have free wifi again! And I know, I’m like a week late for publishing this post, forgive me for being late, but you know – better late than never!

Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! How are your New Years? How’s your 2016? I’m telling you, my 2016 was great – more like a roller coaster of happenings and a lot to be thankful for! And since we’re talking about my last year, let me share you few of my highlights!

Goodbye, November

Funny how I was supposed to publish this before our vacation but same old me, I forgof about it. And it’s been a while since November left and indeed a fast month! I remember when I was just writing down my October favorites then we’re already so close to the New Year.

I’ll take you back to last month if you may, my November sure is a roller coaster ride! There are times that I wanted to cry, times where I literally cried and times that I am indeed so happy.