Like any other bloggers, I started off writing my thoughts in Multiply. Where I basically store everything: from rants to poems to photographs. In 2010, I moved to another platform, Tumblr – where I continued writing rants, photographs and re-blogging cute stuffs. As months and years go by- I started to find comfort and interest through writing and blogging. In 2015, I decided to make my blog public – the time when I started to document my love + relationship situation and documenting little things about my life. Thus, the topic long distance relationship was added to my niche. This is my little internet space where I can be myself, share the little things I love and the things I see through the lens of my camera.

I am a twenty-something Filipina residing in the USA. I am an Information Technology graduate in Multimedia Technology – but never got the chance to do a career inline with the course, thus, I created a freelancing gig as Hey Grafikx – servicing in logo branding designs, invite/stationery designs, business card designs and etc. I am a Pisces. A wallflower; an introvert. I don’t really enjoy being outdoors yet small travels fascinates me.

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