Updated Bullet Journal Spread | June 2021

I meant to post this end of last month, but I figured I wait a little to see if the spread I currently have is working for me. I shared on my Instagram last month that I changed my bullet journal and how I track and write everything on it.

Bullet journaling played a role on my life. I have and still trying to keep doing bullet journal for almost few years. Unfortunately, most of them do not work out – not the journal itself but how they were setup. One thing I like about bullet journaling is that you can customize it the way you wanted it.

Here is a picture of the spread that honestly did not worked out for me.

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This year, although I started a bit late- this journal I am doing is more of a minimalist or simpler spreads. Too many colors and spaces for writing/boxes for planning is not really helping me to be honest. I am starting to take care and focus on myself, and I know, this journal will help me, mentally.

I am currently using:

  • Dotted Journal from Hobby Lobby
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen in N75
  • Sharpie Felt Pens, Fine Point

I opted for this layout to help me mentally, which I can say that it does help my brain relax and most specially, myself.

Also added a two full page 2021 highlights. From the time I took photos of

On my June month cover, I added a simple bible verse reminder for me which I have on my bedroom and on my website. Which will be the monthly setup for my cover.

With having limited spaces on my Bullet Journal, I am making sure that I use this monthly calendar to store all important dates such as personal appointments, house related work and sometimes dates that I needed to remember.

One of the things I added on this journal that is not on my previous journals, is this: “gratitude space”. I have been dealing with a lot lately specially stress at work not gonna lie, but I try to help myself by jotting down small wins and small things that made my day times better.

Going back every month and re-reading some of the list I have each month makes me smile and happy that I keep track of small wins and things that made me happy in the month.

Besides a self-care themed bullet journal spreads, I also wanted to be more active in my blog. Which for the months of June and July wasn’t a success. I do drafted some posts here and there, wrote some ideas but never had the time to write them on my blog or even post them.

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And I always finish the monthly spreads with a Bible Reading Plans. Usually two full-page or sometimes three pages spread.

Honestly most of the plans I am reading for the last two months are about Peace and Stress. I’ve always made it a habit to finish one plan or sometimes I do two plans.

I started and I am trying to take some time to do and reflect some on one Bible Reading Plan for each month. It doesn’t just help me build connection with the Lord, but it also helps me spiritually and mentally.

Have you done bullet journal before? How was the progress and do you prefer paper planning or digital planning?

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