Life Lately: Holidays, Festival and BTS

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog with a personal posts and also a way for me to do a mini photo dump.

Happy September! How fast was this year, right? I can’t believe we’re already on our month nine and soon it’ll be Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Year! As I was finishing this post, I was seeing light at the end of this pandemic, but because of the new variant, everything has to pause and be on lockdown again. This pandemic made me realized a lot, it’s scary but it’s something. I still get anxious going out even though I am fully vaccinated, the thought of going out and being around a whole lot of people still scares me.

But enough of that, I am here to share some insights and memorable happenings that I wanted to share, besides my last update was in April.

Supported Small Businesses—

The past few months, we supported a small business locally. Babe Bangle is a small business who makes handcrafted jewelry. Located at our local Farmer’s Market and honestly love her pieces! I just can’t decide to what to get that day, but this beaded bracelet struck me the most! It also came in with a simple bangle. And what I love about her is that she always has a smile behind her mask, she is so nice and so friendly!

Again, supported a Filipina owned small business, Knits N Knots. Her handcrafted macrame are to die for! These key holders came in really handy and perfect! And exciting news, she now has an Etsy shop, check out her handcrafted items and she’s now starting to do digital arts too! More on her instagram page!

Princeton University and Range Shooting—

Visited Princeton University again and hopefully will be able to share these photos in another post. I know I have been featuring photos from Princeton University on my blog so I am trying to make a decent post about the photos.

Went out with my dad to go indoor shooting. But because of the pandemic and the shop’s guidelines, they limit every slot to two people per alloted time. And also only the people who have appointment to shoot are allowed to go inside the shooting ranges.

Also posted my first outdoor shooting range video! Hoping to post more clips in the future other than our shooting range clips.

New Baby, Minolta X370

After days of decision making, I was able to get this film camera from Ebay! I tried them on while we went to visit New Hope, PA and took some photos. I haven’t had time to finish my first roll, but I’m so excited to see the images! Hopefully I’ll be able to share the photos here on the blog soon and a post why I decided to try film photography.

Read: First Time Visiting New Hope, PA

July 4th Celebration—

Celebrated our first Fourth of July Holiday at our new home. First, we were so happy that we are around the corner where fireworks were being lit (nearest college), but we know that because of this pandemic, we might not able to see some this year.

But we’re wrong, we’ve seen few fireworks lit up the skies that day and luckily the couple who just moved in on our neighborhood did a small fireworks show for all of us! We were able to enjoy the holiday and seen some fireworks!

My First Ever Fest, L.E.A.D. Fest—

On July 11th, my family and I went to go to L.E.A.D. festival.

L.E.A.D. Festival provides a leadership, resources and management to ensure law enforcement agencies have the means to partner with our educators, community leaders, and families. We succeed by providing proven and effective programs to deter youth and adults from drug use, drug related crimes, bullying and violence. We are committed to reinforcing the mutual respect, goodwill and relations between law enforcement and their communities. (Source)

We bought twenty-two tickets for $25 which we used to go on two rides! Honestly don’t know the rides we went to, but we definitely had so much fun! Then we spent the night watching a magician, also my first time seeing a magician perform live. Hah!

My family and I were super cautious and wore our masks the entire time we were on the festival grounds!


Korean group, BTS, has been making a big noise on the music scene this year! From Dynamite, Butter and now, Permission to Dance! Honestly been kinda into their music for the past month or two. And because of that, I was able to get their Butter (CD) with a limited edition poster, a photo book, lyric cards, photo card (I got Jin), graphic sticker and so much more.

I feel like this month went by so fast! Here are some of my recent loves:

• The Single Millenial Podcast (Spotify)

Been super in love with her calming voice and the topics she covers. Listen to her podcast HERE. Also wrote a blog post inspired by one of here podcast episode.

Read: Finding Happiness in Small Things

• Reading Blog Posts

I have been spending most of my days or mornings, reading blogs. I still enjoy reading blog posts as it helps me mentally and is my inspiration to write more! I have a ton of favorite blog posts recently and would love to read new posts!

So glad to found a blogging community through BlogR. Where I can share posts, read other posts and interact with other writers/bloggers!

• Corinth’s IG Filters

Can I start by saying, she makes the best lightroom and instagram filters ever!! I know it’s a lot of work (cause I tried to do simple filter before but it gave me headache 🥴 so doing a lot and complicated coding is a huge talent and skills), so props to her!

Most of the filters I use on my instagram feed and stories are from her! Check her page out.

• Re-Watching Old Movies

Last week or two I was able to finish The Parent Trap, 101 Dalmatians and Mrs. Doubtfire. One of the few movies I truly enjoy watching.

I am still getting the hang of writing again. So far, so good. I was able to draft few posts here and there. Hoping to be more active on this blog. xx

You’re next! Share your recent wins, new blog post or even your favorite movies!

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