First Time Visiting New Hope, PA

I have been wanting to visit New Hope in Pennsylvania since my sister and her boyfriend always spend their dates in the place. Yes, in short I got curious what’s in New Hope –

“New Hope is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Located approximately 30 miles North of Philadelphia and lies on the west bank of Delaware River at its confluence with Aquetong Creek. Two lane New Hope – Lambertville Bridge carries automobile and foot traffic across Delaware to Lambertville, New Jersey on east bank.” – Wikipedia

From our house to New Hope, PA – it took us thirty minutes and twelve miles drive. Since I am not well familiar with the place and where to park, I asked my sister’s boyfriend as where is the best place and cheap place to park.

Once we arrived in New Hope, it took us around fifteen to twenty minutes until we finally parked our car. Honestly, the first place I wanted to see in New Hope is the New Hope Railroad.

Located: 32 W Bridge St., New Hope PA 18938

I didn’t really took that much photo of the railroad because I think that time when we visited it, it was already closed. Also I took photos with my film camera that time and hoping to have it develop soon and share the photos in here too.

We took few photos here and basically enjoyed the moment. Most of the photos we have are on my film camera~

After we went to see the railroad, we drove fifteen minutes to see the Peddler’s Village.

Located: 100 Peddlers VIllage, New Hope PA 18938

This place resembles an “old village” vibe with about sixty five shop to check out. It is also one of the best place to visit during Holidays especially Christmas.

Image Source:

Besides the holidays, Peddler’s Village is also a nice place to do events, such as weddings. As a matter of fact, the day we visited the place, we saw that there is a wedding event that just got done. Also, few blocks from the place where we parked is the Grand Carousel at Giggleberry Fair. Too we weren’t able to ride the carousel because there was a birthday party, but hoping some day I’ll be able to ride the carousel.

So we just spent almost an hour or less playing arcades and trying to win a Super Mario Bros plush ~

Here are some photos from our trip (using my phone)

Hoping to have the photos on my film camera developed soon so I can share you guys more photos from this trip.

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