Life Lately: March and April in Photos

I keep writing something for March/April post, but they always end up in my drafts for so long or I end up deleting them.

Hope everyone’s well despite the pandemic still going on and everything that is going on right now. Please, watch your health and your mental health.

I would defintely say that month of March and April are kinda busy month for me. Lets go over and reflect about insights and things that happened.

As per this title, I will try to post and share some photos from March and April


Honestly can’t remember how I started my March, but it definitely ended pretty well.

We did a small photoshoot which will be posted on a separate post, I am doing a small haul for all the stuffs I got. I am semi changing my clothes so that’s something I wanted to document.

I turned a year older and this bouquet was from my parents and sister, plus they also gave me this birthday card with a very sweet message from them. Inside this card, they included cash– which I spent to buy a PC unit for us to use for work.

The next day after my birthday, we immediately went to Best Buy to browse a unit. We picked the All-in-One PC they have (which I forgot the model), very useful for my sister and I’s shenanigans.

We also had our house blessed that weekend. Because of the pandemic, we limited people going in and out of our home and only invited those who really are close to our family and friends.

The house blessing started at around 12pm, we cooked traditional Filipino foods such as grilled tilapia, kapampangan sisig (which is definitely a hit! My dad’s sisig is the best), asado, steamed vegetables, barbecue and a cake my sister made. The actual blessing lasted for couple minutes then the celebration was finished around 8pm. We planned who are invited and what specific time they’re going, to limit the people in the house. We even invited our sales agent who helped us throughout the process!

We love our neighborhood, so this is also the month that we started walking around our neighborhood.


We welcomed April with full of excitement and in full bloom!

We visited a garden and bought some tulips and dafodils for our front yard. Continuation of my AtHome series will be posted soon and I am sharing more about our outdoor garden activities!

We probably got a whole lot of tulips, dafodils and we have two apple trees in front of our home.

Also that same day I went to my dentis appointment to get my braces. Honestly, that’s the most uncomfortable feeling, putting the initial braces. I would just eat soft foods then, from yogurt to oatmeal to mashed potatoes. That’s how my dinner/lunch would be- one reason why I probably lost a lot of weight.

Same month we also got our Covid Vaccine, probably will be on a separate blog post.

I am trying to be active on the blog which I feel like I am doing really good compare to before. I have few posts coming up in the next few days (continuation of the AtHome series and a little blog post about the vaccine experience we had).

Also, if you’ve missed: Chealsea Bouknight shared some self-care tips for mental health, you can check them out HERE. And you can check here blog HERE.

If you’ve reached to this point, thank you for reading! Be sure to follow me on my INSTAGRAM and I am starting to be active on YOUTUBE (I have and hopefully can film the video ideas I have, soon) so please like and subscribe to my channel!

Featured photo from: Canva

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