AtHome: We’re Finally Moved In and Settled

If you missed it, my family and I moved out and found ourselves a home. I’ve shared some blog posts in the past, read here: AtHome: We Bought our First Home and AtHome: Packing + Minor Renovations.

It took us couple months til we’re finally moved in at our new home. Soon as the carpet was installed, our furnitures are starting to come!

I opted for a dirty white full bed on my room and a light pink shade for curtains! If you know me, pink is not in my vocubulary but I just felt like seeing colors on my room.

Honestly, bed frame is from kids home section. I needed light before I go to bed so a built in lamp shade on the frame definitely helps me and of course, the white unicorn lamp light I got in Home Depot is really handy!

Bedding and pillows are from Bed Bath and Beyond and Burlington Factory. My sister and I’s dressers were hand me down from our friends and from our bosses at work. So we just had to buy the living room set, our bed frames and my parents’ whole bed set.

And curtains were from Amazon, these were the blackout curtains which are really nice.

In addition, I bought a small mirror for my room which is from Marshalls. I am currently in the hunt for a nice whole body mirror but I am pausing that hunt as I am not really in a rush for that. Besides, this round mirror is still really helpful and I am not sure where to put the whole body mirror in my room.

Also bought this message board from Marshalls. Got the chance to put one of my favorite bible verses: Jeremiah 29:11For I have plans for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

It is one of the many bible verses I love and I always keep in mind. And the preserved flower petals on that small picture frame is from my love. He asked my sister to buy me bouquet of rose for my birthday last year. I just love to keep it for memory, and it sits perfect on that wall.

Since then, I have added some stuffs in my wall decor. That miniature me is a gift from my friends in the Philippines which I got like 3-4 years ago, maybe. It is a miniature me of holding a PC/Camera in my go-to hairstyle. Then there’s that pig plush my sister gave me. That is actually a joke, my boyfriend had two pigs back in the Philippines that he had to take care and named it Romeo and Juliet. He told me not to be attached to them cause they’ll eventually sell those out. In December they did, both pigs and I always ask them, my sister bought me one plush and named it after Romeo.

Then there’s that portrait I got, made by Brush and Bree. You guys, she did really great in this. This is actually from a video call split screen that she managed to make into a portrait. I printed and it definitely looks so beautiful!!! I am honestly in love with it. You should check her page out, very talented mum!

Soon as I received the digital copy of the illustration, I went out next day to have the photo printed and have the frame on my room.

I also bought these picture frames from Home Goods. I felt like the two frames are too far from each other, so I then purchased another one which was not pictured, but eventually will update this post.

I went back and forth as to what frames I will get for my room. I am very picky in terms of things like this. I thought about printing some photos I took from our previous travels and also torn about doing my own like calligraphy print. So I just went and looked for something I will love. And these two abstract photos are perfect for me!

I still have another part of this series to be posts to be posted in the future. Stay tuned!

Featured Image from Canva.

4 thoughts on “AtHome: We’re Finally Moved In and Settled

  1. Congratulations on your new home! I love the color scheme you’ve chosen and all the accent additions like the message board and pictures.


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