Outdoor Shooting Range | Fort Dix, NJ

One of the things my dad loves is range shooting. Back in the Philippines he used to be a member of a tactical shooter’s club in Tarlac City, Philippines. I honestly can’t remember what year he joined in, but I do remember seeing pictures of them at the club and also my older sister trying to shoot.

To tell you the truth, I never imagined myself holding or trying indoor or outdoor ranges. Yes, I love playing video games (mostly Left 4 Dead and PUBG Mobile), but that’s about it.

This was also my second time going to a shooting range. The first time was an indoor range— which I hate to be honest. We tried going to an indoor range, but the smell of the gun powder irritates me and even if you have earplugs or ear protection the sounds are still too loud. One reason why I hated it honestly. Since then, I never went with my dad in shooting ranges.

Then, last Sunday, my family and I went to an outdoor shooting range. We had the schedule booked about a week and was really excited cause this will be my sister and I’s first time at an outdoor shooting range.

The ride took about almost 30-45 minutes then we arrived at the range. This was in Range 14 located at Cookstown Browns Mills Rd, Fort Dix 08640

Good thing about the location is they they limit the group of people coming in on the range. We picked the earliest on the schedule and they only do either you’re on morning schedule or afternoon, depending on how fast their booking goes out. We are scheduled morning, 9am to 11am.

Prior to that, my dad asked us to print and read what are the four basic rules to gun safety. Which he still illustrated and explained to us further.

On the first round, we had setup like five targets and honestly, I am not even sure how long the first round was. We also had like some time to setup our targets and we had like five targets setup.

We only placed ours within 25 and 50 feet from our station. Soon as we placed our targets, we were asked to go back to our vehicles to be more safe. Everyone will be back in their vehicles for some time, then they will let us know when is the time to go back to our stations for the first round.

When we finished some of the bullets we had, I knew it was bye bye. We finished til we get into the second ceasefire then we packed our stuff and cleaned our station. We went back to the field to take our targets out and check them out.

This was our last session and this was one of my targets. It was honestly so fun and I can’t wait to be on the range again soon!

I also uploaded our videos on my channel. Please like and subsribe to my channel, hoping to be share more stuffs in the future ~

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