Amazing Drive Thru Pumpkin Carve | Hopewell NJ

Originally drafted and written: 10/08/2020

When this pandemic started, most outdoor activities were limited. Some states started doing drive in movies, church and so on. And since the pandemic, I caved in and spent time at home. I still go to work but other than that, I go straight back home. I honestly don’t know what the mall looks like now and I don’t even know when’s the last time we were at the mall.

And since everything is done with caution, we tried attending to one of the drive thru pumpkin patch/carving. I bought the tickets online and went there same day.

We arrived around 6:30pm, good time to see pumpkin carves because it’s starting to get dark and we can appreciate the carvings. We handed the ticket we printed and for safety protocol masks were required (even in the car) upon entering and showing your tickets. And they also handed us a small pumpkin.

The first time I saw pumpkin carving was when I went to visit my friends in Rhode Island. One of the best time I ever had! (see blog post here) — also one of the reason I wanted my sisters to see one because how I fell in love with it. We enjoyed it so much and hopefully we get to see more of this in the future.

Here are some photos I took usung my iPhone 11 and edited on Lightroom

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