4 Free Things To Do In New York

Believe it or not, but this British girl has been to New York 5 times in her lifetime. Yes, you heard that correctly. Each year for mine and my mom’s birthday we spend it in New York. Of course, due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to do it this year but for the last 4 years we have made it a tradition for us. Because of being an annual New York visitor, I have learnt the ins and outs of New York. What to do, and what not to do. And most importantly, the free stuff you can do in NY! Who doesn’t love free?!

As a little introduction, my names Olivia and I am a Lifestyle blogger at www.olivialucieblake.com. I post various different topics on my blog such as relationships, body positivity, mental health awareness and so much more. I am so thankful for this opportunity to write for Irish Kristine! Guest posting is one of my favourite things to do, it allows me to make such great connections with lovely bloggers all around the world.

So, now that’s all done, let’s get into the post!


One of the first free things me and my mom did together in New York was getting free tickets to sit in the audience of a tv show. At first when my mom found the website for the tickets, we thought it was a scam. But I can assure you, it’s not and we have done this twice now. The website is called 1iota.com and it has tickets for so many different tv shows in New York and LA. You have to be quick though, the tickets sell out really quickly. 

If you’re selected, you’ll get an email to confirm it, and the tickets get emailed to you a few days before the date of the show. You may get to see some famous faces!


When you think of New York, what’s one of the main things you think of? The statue of Liberty of course! Now in the past, I have spent $35+ to ride on a boat and tour liberty island. It was great, but you can get a bit of a neck ache being so close to the statue. One year, when looking for things to do. The suggestion to ride the Staten Island ferry came up. It’s a free ferry that just travels back and forth from Manhattan to Staten Island. It’s mainly used for those who commute for work into the city.

The great thing about the ferry is that it goes directly past the Statue of Liberty. Almost closer as the paid for tours you can take. We now prefer to do this over paying for the tour boat every time! You just get on, and once you get to Staten Island you get off and get on the next boat back to Manhattan. Of course, you can visit around Staten Island if you want to! 


For sure one of my favourite things to do every time I visit NY is walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such an iconic bridge that walking it at least once is so fun. Now, depending on how long you want to walk there are a few things you can do. You can get the subway to the other side of Brooklyn and walk back over to Manhattan. Or you can walk both ways. Depends how long you want to walk for. 

I’d say, to walk one way will probably take 20-30 minutes depending on how busy it is that day!


This one is a bit of a cheat because it’s not free but it’s really inexpensive. On the upper east side is the Roosevelt Island tram. It’s a suspended tram that goes adjacent to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. You get such lovely views of the Chrysler Building and the Empire state building. And not to mention the East River. The price is the same as a single ticket on the subway, which is $3. And you pay that there and pay $3 back.

It’s such a lovely and different thing to do that not many people get to experience when they visit NY. 

Have you ever visited New York? What other free things could you suggest doing?

I am so happy to be here and want to say thank you to Irish Kristine for the opportunity. I can’t wait to hear about your New York travels! Please don’t forget to check out my blog, and I hope to see you there soon. 

Olivia x

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