AtHome: Packing + Minor Renovations

This won’t be a series, but I just wanted to write something for me to remember. This is a milestone on our life and our 2020.

Right after we closed our deal, we weren’t able to enjoy our home for the next three days: the seller wasn’t really moved out and were still waiting for the home they were also purchasing. So couple days is still okay for us.


While we were going house to house with our sales agent, first thing she handed us was her CV and the things we should prepare before the move. One thing was: All important documents should be the last to be moved out of the house. I didn’t moved all our paper works til we finally started transferring our stuff at home and we finally get to sleep in it.

We started packing out stuffs the day our down payment was withdrawn from our bank. So that’s like weeks or even months before our closing date. I started to pack all the clothes I don’t usually wear that much. I limited the clothes to what I’m going to use for work and some when buying stuffs for the house.

I didn’t really think packing will be an issue, I had to sell some of my stuffs (unused clothes) and when I weren’t able to sell some of them— I had to donate them, which is also a good thing. Overall, I finished five large boxes and some small bags for important stuffs.

We started unloading all our boxes to our house the weekend after we closed. That’s all we can do then, just unload the stuffs. We had our first lunch there too which feels surreal but exciting!


Even though the house we bought was in ready move in status, we still wanted to make the vibes and everything in it according to our liking.

The following week after we closed the deal, my dad took a whole week off to focus on al the stuffs needed to be fixed, painted and light fixtures. Our trip to Home Depot became really exciting as we are already picking our room colors and living room colors!

On our old room, where me and my sister share– we had a light green wall color which is too green for me. I opted for something grey and neutral on my room’s paint color. And since my room needs two colors, I went with a darker and lighter shade of the same color family.

Photo above taken when we had our first full day at the house. No furnitures other than the dining table we already had from the old house.

My dad reached out to guys who can paint and do stuff within a week. Luckily, we were able to find someone who can do light fixtures and painting! We had to flourish some painting on some rooms which of course we documented! And really happy that somewhat, we were part of these minor renovations at home.

After that week of painting, our scheduled bed frames and sofa set were off to be delivered that weekend after. We had to change the delivery date for carpet changing! That’s another thing on our list, the carpet prior to changing really needs to be deep cleaned, but we preferred to changed it. Note, we were trying to move and complete everything at a short notice! Luckily, Empire Today can do carpet changing in four hours max! I took off that day to assist them at our home and watching them peel the old carpet and changing them to a new one is definitely satisfying!

Once the carpet was installed, few days later we’re moving some of our stuffs already. We started to unload the remaining boxes we have in the other house and wait for the furnitures to come in! It honestly is the most exciting part! Seeing the empty home come to life.

I cannot wait to create new memories on our new home! I’ll be posting another blog in the next few weeks! ^^

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