AtHome: We Bought Our First Home!

Besides the pandemic, our family went through a lot in 2020. It is also the year we started looking for our first home. It’s been crazy, squeezing our home search after work hours— visiting houses at 7PM and it’s been exhausting. But everything went well and we’ve finally closed our first home (01/13).

How and When it Started?

It was sometime October when we knew we had to be serious and look for a house we could call ours. We started downloading realtor apps and browsing properties that sometimes leads up to stay a little bit at night. We would jot down all the properties we wanted and would tell our dad that we saw this and that.

The next day or two, we are started talking to a realtor. We would check properties over the weekend and only during weekends, because we have day job and my parents have two jobs (day/night). And we wanted them to see the properties as well cause we’ll all be living in there.

If you’re a first time home buyer, you should really consider taking notes from couples who had bought their first home or even google, it definitely helps!

Be prepared mentally and financially.

Honestly, our first sales agent didn’t asked us that much on where we wanted to live and just started to send us properties around the area. My dad fell in love with one house, but I was very doubtful of it. And when that property went on “pending” status, I thought maybe this is a sign from God that the property is not for us. We then learned from friends and co-workers that the area my dad fell in love with was not a good and safe place.

After how many images of houses we’ve seen from the our first sales agent, I thought maybe we need a change. It feels like breaking up with a boyfriend that we didn’t know what to do. Our second sales agent was really nice and helpful. She assured us not to worry about the company drama (that we had to switch and change agents without telling our first agent). She would always tell me, “Don’t mind the drama, important is we’ll get you your home”. And she’s right, we browsed a lot of property every weekends and she really went above explaining every detail of the house.

From then, we started sending our offer. We like sent three offers to different homes, until we closed ours.

We closed our first home!

We finally have a home we call ours. We are excited and happy. And we’ve been cleaning and sorting things out, one reason why I am MIA again on my blog then next reason is that we don’t have internet yet, good thing we have data!

I have a video clip of our home when it was empty, and I’ll be filling in with some pictures in the next blog posts.

10 thoughts on “AtHome: We Bought Our First Home!

  1. Love this post! Saving for later. My husband and I are starting the process of saving up for a home. It’s a long journey but we’re excited!


  2. Congratulations, how exciting! We’re not buying yet, but we love driving around sometimes and looking. It’s fun to dream, haha. Can’t wait to see pics!


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