Life Lately: Winter/Holiday Update

I originally planned to post this over Christmas or New Year, I even still had the holiday greetings! But I was too busy posting other stuffs. So here I am again writing another life update, which is merely to share photos that I can’t seem to find anything to blog about and share some small insights about my life ~

I started to get back to blogging and if you have noticed, I tried to do Blogmas (was planning to do 12 days of Blogmas) but I got really busy with other things at home, but I only got time to do six! I honestly enjoyed it, and I planned it exactly December 1, which is wrong move, I should’ve planned it months and have the posts drafted. Well, lesson learned and maybe I’ll do it next year~

Random photos from my camera roll— last year, I fell in love with Blueberyy Parfait, went on a park and just spent the afternoon outside, my sister baked a lot of Chocolate Crinkles (which definitely tasted like home and ate out with the family.

It snowed couple weeks ago and of course, we didn’t missed taking photos. Here are some photos I took outside our home and on my way to work (Re: Featured Photo). I just honestly feel giddy and happy seeing snow! It’s too cold but I don’t mind staying outside for few minutes to take photos!

We also had a Sweater Day at work. First time to actually participate on these kind of things at work, didn’t wore that Christmas Tree sweater though, I had a little cute bear on my sweater. I took a bunch of OOTD pictures, so I’ll probably post in on a “Winter lookbook fit”.

And couple weeks ago, we went out to buy some Chocolates for gifts! I don’t really go out that much now because of the pandemic, but when we do, I always bring hand sanitizer and always wear mask! I didn’t think that I’d be able to see this year’s Christmas Tree, but because of our Sunday trip to Princeton, we were able to see a gilmpse of their Christmas Tree.

I have been using my LR mobile presets to match my feed and to incorporate my preset sets. I am not confident in my photo editing skills but I am satisfied on how I do them.

We celebrated Christmas and New Year at my sister’s house– which is only few blocks away from us. Holidays in our new home is really different than how we celebrate it at home (in The Philippines), but still grateful how things end up here and definitely excited to create new memories!

Well that’s that for a little update slash some of the photos on my phone that I wanted to share. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more blog posts.

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