2021 Bullet Journal Spread + January Spread

Finally I got time to relax and take photos of my bullet journal spread.

I fancy bullet journal, but never got time to finish a month and even a year, because I don’t really have a table yet on my room, so planning and doing the spreads are always on my bed. Hopefully soon, I get to journal more!

I started bullet journal again mid of last year. Never posted anything because I feel like I wanted to see if this will last. Because of bullet journal, I started a collection of dotted notebooks without me noticing it.

I started to do bullet journal more mid Pandemic. It helps me cope up stress and anxiety. And it is really calming. I love it!

I am currently using The Paper Studio Make It Happen Dotted Notebook. As for the pens, I always use Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Zebra Mild Liner Double Ended, Tombow Fudenosuke Soft and Hard Tip, Micron Pens (.01, .03, .05).

Before planning my 2021 Bullet Journal spreads I watched some inspiration on Youtube, now I can’t stop watching more inspiration videos. Not regretting though, it is calming. For my 2021 spread, I did not used a new notebook, instead I just continued the notebook I am currently using.

So for my 2021 cover page, it was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee. I wanted to go simple but then I wanted to see colors. I am torn between the two, so I went with whatever colors I picked.

Future log spread is also inspired by Amanda Rach Lee, which is actually hard. I had to tape my last sheet cause I accidentally cut it too. My future logs are mostly birthday’s and eventually will be filled with more important dates!

My spreads are really simple and that I think I will definitely use. I used to have an expense tracker but it did not helped me or I didn’t get a chance to take a peek and track my expenses. This year I added a self care spread, because like I said last year was really not a good one. I will try to spend time with myself and do some self care.

I also added a spread for my goals personally and work/blog wise. I like to write my goals on a sheet of paper to plan out the things I will do, it helps me honestly especially with work and on my blog which I am trying to be more active this year.

And last on my yearly spread, I added two pages of 2021 highlights. I will either do in photos or in doodles. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Now onto my January spread.

My January spread is really simple and very colorful. I was trying to do a boho theme, but I don’t think I really gave justice to the theme and just went to circles and pastel colors.

I like to make up big spaces for my weekly/daily spreads for me to be able to write down plans and activities on that day. I also added a notes section on each weekly spread to keep track on what I wanted to do and what things I need to priorites. Notes also includes the blog ideas I wanted to write.

Honestly, this kind of setup works best for me. That’s why most of my monthly spreads have this kind of weekly/daily layout.

And on the last spread, I did a habit tracker which I am planning to do yoga, less soda/caffeine and to spend less. I also included one my favorite bible verses.

I guess I’ll see you next month for February’s spread!

Thanks to Renne for inspiring me to make this blog post.

11 thoughts on “2021 Bullet Journal Spread + January Spread

  1. Ahh! I love your spreads! I like the dutch doors for your future log! I should’ve watched Amanda’s plan with me video first before making my 2021 spreads.


    1. Thank you! I try to stick to the brush I’m already using, I have few brushes that I haven’t used yet. I try to make swatches on another sheet of paper to see if it bleeds.


  2. oooh i love your bujo! it looks so aesthetically pleasing to look at! do you have any tips for someone who wants to start one? i only use my pocket planner and i have a journal where i write about my feelings,books,tbh it’s more of a personal diary.


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