2020: Another Year Review

Happy New Year!

I have a bunch of unpublished drafts that I still need to go through before posting them, but let me just jump in with a review of what and how my 2020 went.

We all had a crazy 2020– as the year started with the news about the pandemic, which is really sad and scary. Travels were banned and a LOT of businesses closed and for some, businesses bloomed.

I did a photo review on my Instagram a couple days ago, but I just still want to do one for my blog and for me to look back in the future.


Started new year with me and my sisters getting a matching tattoo (read post here). It was definitely one of my hightlights and really loved it.

Work was still great, change thus is a good thing. With a new company but same faces, new challenges every day which I see as an opportunity to learn did helped me boost my confidence and learned to interact with people a little.

Also started to post few of my travelogs in my Youtube which I will try to upload and plan to be actively sharing videos, maybe of life or my creative side.


Not much really happened, I just started to love Kung Fu Tea’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Also go addicted to Adorable Home which I used as an excuse to have me and my pangga living together~ who remembers this phase?


Jumped into the Dalgona trend which I absolutely loved, not gonna lie. If I was being serious and not lazy about doing it, I’d probably bring one back then for work every single day.

Pandemic news still around my news feed, and this time– news started to focus on travel bans and I feared that traveling overseas is really scary and risky.

Work still coping and started for us to have few hours– I still maintained my hours because as an essential worker. Grocery stores starting to be affected, stores running out of toilet papers, sanitizers and all the necessities!

It was also my birthmonth, which is really special. The year 2020, was the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I have that on a special and separate post, which is still in my drafts!


One of the highlight of this month was that time when the Thunderbirds flew down in New Jersey in honor of the healthcare workers and first responders in this pandemic.

Loved that I got to see this and got to take a photo of it.

Also this month, I tried a trend in TikTok about self portraits! I took maybe five to six portraits at home, using my phone and using limited sources as props. If you know me personally, this is something I wouldn’t do, as I really hate seeing myself in photos and how awkward I look. But luckily, every photo turned out the way I wanted it.


I finally got the guts to continue and semi pursue my knowledge in graphic design. I’ve always love graphic design and been doing designs at no cost, cause I’ve never seen myself doing it as a side hustle. But because of the pandemic, I thought why not do it and continue why I loved doing it in the first place.

While it was on hiatus at the end of 2020, I am hoping that I will be able to relaunch my graphic design brand this year and hopefully will get to focus more on it this year.


This is a good month for me and my small hustle. From small business logos here and there, I started to see my passion and how my brand works.

Aside from my side huslte which is the graphic design, my sister also resumed her small baking business locally.


Finally got time to watch Kissing Booth 2 and actually shipped Chloe and Marco. I love seeing her with Noah though, but the way Marco treated Chloe is really great!

Started to learn doing homemade masks, which honestly is really fun to do! Rewatching YouTube videos on how to do masks. We probably did around more than 20 masks.


My sister brought her own Cricut machine to pursue our businesses– from graphic design and bakery business. We started making our own stickers and labels for every baking goods she did.

Published my very first and best procreate illustration and honestly loved it. I am still trying to make more procreate illustrations and slowly learning tips and tricks when it comes to procreate.

And because of our milk tea cravings, I’ve finally learned to do parallel parking. It is a first for me knowing that I don’t really had a proper driving lessons.


Another simple procreate portrait illustration that I did. Very simple from what others are doing but I am happy that it turned out the way I wanted it.

Also a very time for my graphic design gig, as I started to make some small businesses– from candles to peace boxes! Definitely treasure this small win for my gig.


Experienced a drive thru pumpkin which I am working on sharing the photos we took and the experience!


We have been going out to do our weekly laundry cause our dryer broke and honestly, TikTok hacks didn’t worked. So we’re relying on our nearest laundromat and that meant we’ve been having buffalo wings once a month!

Also, Thanksgiving Day is a busy day for our baking business with all the Thanksgiving orders we had. Very grateful for this chance and everyone who had been supporting our business!

Also, found the best red velvet crinkles ever! Kiki’s Kitchen in NYC definitely satisfied my red velvet cravings! If you are in New York, contact them it is a must try!


First snow ball of Winter fell around second week of December. You know me, I am inlove with snow and I always make sure I take a snow photo, every time it snows! We took few photos outside, played and had fun!

Spent Christmas and New Year with my sister’s house and really enjoyed time with the family. Also this month, we’ve spent some time roaming around our neighbor watching their Christmas lights! Will add this to our yearly December lists of to do.

I’ve also become more active on the blog, started the month with Blogmas but didn’t planned it out that’s why I only got to do six posts. This is one thing I loved to do and will make sure to plan out the posts beforehand.

And that’s that for my 2020 review. I am looking forward to a new year and new challenges! I am writing down goals for myself, my blog and work. Looking forward to finish all the drafts I have right now and the ideas I need to write down.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “2020: Another Year Review

  1. I remember Adorable Home!! It was such a craze here. My workmates and I would spend our lunch times on our phones, interacting with our dear beloved cats. I also influenced my social circles to install and play it. Haha good times ♡ Cheers for the love of milk tea, and for learning how to parallel park as a result! Until now I still don’t know how to parallel park.. But maybe this year I will do my best to finally practice it. Happy New Year, Irish! Wishing you all the best.

    Anna Jo / http://www.helloannajo.com

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