Where to Visit in New York City During the Holidays

As a second part of my Visiting New York City During the Holidays, read first part here: I’ll be sharing few city destinations perfect to visit this holiday.

Few of these places, we have visited and some were readers’ suggestions.

I missed to post yesterday cause I was too busy with home stuff and didn’t get time to post this***

Celebrating holidays in the city is really something I look forward to, but because of the pandemic, I choose not to visit the city or go to new places.

PS: if your are visiting the city or travelling this holidays, please be cautious and always follow the CDC guidelines: wash hands with soap, sanitize hands and things, maintain social disctancing and always wear your mask properly.

First on our list is: Rockefeller Plaza.

Taken last year Christmas (2019) at the Rockefeller Plaza.

My family and I always try to visit New York every Christmas to go Christmas Shopping around Times Square and peak at the Christmas Tree. Last year, we were able to do it (just me, my sister and her husband) then right after, we went to the the Rink at Rockefeller Center to enjoy and experience the fun! See my post about the trip HERE.

The tree will be displayed from December 3 to early January 2021 (6am-12am). Details and guidelines for what to expect when visiting is on their website.

The Rink at Rockegeller Plaza hours: daily from 9am-12am

Bank of America Winter Village in Bryant Park.

Winter Village in Bryant Park is really a nice spot if you wanted to get some gifts for your family. There are tons of shops to look at and to buy from. And they offer ice skating rink if you wanted to try them out. We opted to go last year in Rockefeller Plaza because it is already on our way home and when we decided to go eat our lunch. Hours: 11am-8pm

Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave. New York, NY 10011)

Chelsea Market (taken in 2016)

If you into Christmas Markets, aside from Winter Village in Bryant Park, Chelsea Market is also one of the perfect place to go— located in 75 9th Ave. New York, NY 10011).

One of stores in Chelsea Market is the Artists and Fleas, which has a ton of items perfect for holiday gifts. Located in 88 Tenth Avenue, hours Monday-Saturday (10am-9pm) and Sunday (10am-8pm). Visit their website at artistsandfleas.com

And there are tons of things to do in New York during holidays, not to mention the Wollman Plaza Ice Skating Rink in Central Plazawhich is my dream to visit someday. Right soon as I finished watching the movie Serendipity, I told myself that one day I’ll visit the park during winter and experience ice skating.

I bet seeing the city on Top of the Rock is also one of the magical things during the holidays. Just seeing the city with all their Christmas lights and feel the breeze.

Hoping to experience some holiday stuffs in the future. And if you are visiting the city, please be aware of the precautionary measures each establishments and places you’ll going to visit. And always remember to wear your mask.

I know this post can be dreamy, but if we could avoid unnecessary travels this season, or be extra careful.

What is on your dream holiday destination?

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