Tips when Visiting New York City During the Holidays

Spending the holidays in the Big Apple is something I’ve always wanted to experience. We’ve been in the city almost every year (not for the holidays though) and definitely not this year.

On my fourth Blogmas entry, I will share you tips and maybe places to visit in New York during holidays.

Tip # 1: You might want to check the weather for during your trip. With the city being close to water forms, it really gets cold easy.

Image from Unsplash

Tip # 2. Wear your most comfortable footwear and bundle up. Like mentioned before, New York weather can be warm and the next hour you’ll see yourself freezing. Wearing all the winter necessities such as a warm scarf, hoodie, beanie and a comfortable boots can make you survive the holidays in the city. Comfortable footwear will definitely help you with all the walks you’ll be doing.

Happened to us last year, we only went to the city for some important stuff so I only wore the nicest coat I have. But on our way home, it snowed – at first I was excited that it snowed, minutes later the snow was too much and getting heavy. We had to stop at Old Navy and bought some nice, warm puffer jacket.

Tip # 3. Wear some moisturizer. If you have a really a dry and sensitive face like mine, I would suggest to put and maybe bring some moisturizer. It’s the cold winter breeze that I think makes our face a bit dry.

And last.. Tip # 4. Don’t forget to bring your camera. New York is New York! You don’t want to miss to take photos during Winter and Holidays!

I will cut off the post here and decided to do a part two of this tomorrow.

Have you been in the city during holiday? Don’t miss out, I’m on my fourth day of doing blogmas. Read all posts HERE. Hope you enjoy reading.

And of course, if you plan to visit the city this holiday, please be cautious and maintain the CDC guidelines, wash your hands, maintain the distance and wear your mask.

Images from Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Tips when Visiting New York City During the Holidays

  1. Winters in New York city can be a nightmare – I went a few years ago to visit my family in New Jersey, and the snow was wet and dirty from people walking in and out the subway! Although the temperatures can be freeezing, I adore the Holiday spirit that New York is so famous for: Rockefeller ice rink, Central Park, and the giant Christmas tree in Bryant park!! Hopefully I’ll be moving to NYC in the following months, so looking forward to more tips to survive their winters 🙂
    Nicole |

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