Winter Fashion: Comfortable Boots to Wear

Winter is almost here, I can almost feel the chilly morning and the cold breeze. It is my second favorite season, to be honest, Fall tops.

One of my go-to winter fashion is a good boots! My first pair of boots was from JcPenney which lasted almost six years, well I tried to make it to seven but I had to say goodbye to it.

My first pair was a combat boot, which I fell in love with the style. And usually pair these with a comfy leggings or a black skinny jeans. Honestly, a good boot for me is something cheap yet comfortable, I make sure it will look good on me and that I would be okay in it even if I wear them for eight hours.

My very first pair of combat boots.
Universal Thread Goods Co
Dr. Martens

And on Black Friday, we stopped by in Famous Footwear and immediately fell in love with another pair of boots. It is on sale and BOGO, regular price of around $50, we got them for $29, which is pretty good deal to me. I mean, it’s one of the boots I wanted and I just fell in love with it!

Hoping to update this post tomorrow with a picture of the boots!**

Featured Image from Canva.

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