Holiday Gift Ideas: Shop Small

Happy December! Time flew so fast, we’ve been living the new norm for almost close to a year maybe? But that won’t stop from celebrating what we are used to. But of course, still following our state’s rules about social distancing and everything to keep everyone safe during the holidays.

Some started businesses during the pandemic. I know, cause my sister and I did. We managed to put up a small business— she bakes and I help her with graphics and social media posts!

It is not easy to run a business while in the midst of a pandemic. And I’ve seen few people who started business based on what they love and never knowing whether it’ll click on the market.

This holiday, maybe we can start supporting small businesses before going to the larger companies.

And over the weekend, I shared some small businesses on my Instagram stories to help them and help you for a perfect small business gift guide:

SESTRA COLLECTIVE. Based in Canada, handcrafted pieces will sure be a hit. Perfect for your furbabies– from leashes, bowties and bandanas. Check their website, they have pretty good sales and their holiday collection is live perfect for Christmas gift guides!

DUCK AND DOG CO. Colorado based, handcrafted crochet beanies and scarves.

GEVONCCI COLLECTION. For every lover of candles and sage. Shop their most popular fragrances: Rosemary Sage, Strawberry Shortcake and Caramel Popcorn.

ABKDCO. Chicago based, these Filipinos are showcasing The Philippines’ cuture through their products. Hoodies, shirts and ballcaps designed with baybayin (pre-Hispanic Philippine script).

Hope this list will help you on your holiday shopping! Leave your favorite small business to shop. Happy shopping!

Featured image from Canva.

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