Winter in New York City

In December of 2019, my sister, her husband and I went to New York. Initial plan was to get important things done, stroll for a bit and eat at a Korean restaurant.

We went out early so we can do all the things we wanted to do at one day. At around 8 AM we left home and took the express train to Penn Station in New York.

We were able to fix all the papers needed and once those things got done, we decided to stroll and enjoy our day off. Being in New York during winter is really new. We stopped going to New York during December or winter season because of how cold it gets in the city, plus the snow and all the tourists on that time of the year.

On our way back to Times Square or somewhere where Korean restaurants are, we passed by Bryant Park and we stopped to take few photos and walked around the Christmas Village and all the stalls that were up during that time. Then we were so curious about the ice skating rink they have going on. We decided to try Ice Skating but on Rockefeller Plaza instead, more people less noticeable when we slip. LOL

Then we noticed a sign where it said Grand Central Station and an arrow next to it. So we opened our GPS and tried searching the station. We honestly just got lost in that little space of the city that’s why we saw the Grand Central Station sign, and that’s not even in our plan. But since I really wanted to take a peak of the station, we looked for it.

So on our way to grab lunch, we decided to check Grand Central Station and what it is about the station that makes people go besides Gossip Girl.

All photos are taken using my iPhone 11 and edited using my LR preset.

I must say, I have never seen Gossip Girl but I watched some movies shot in Grand Central Station like Friends with Benefits where Dylan (Justin Timberlake) did a flash mob to Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Arthur, where Russell Brand setup a date with Naomi (Greta Gerwig); and that’s about it, plus the images I’ve seen of the station. And I must really say that despite of the crowded place because of the passengers and tourist, the station is really beautiful!

And I am glad that I got to see the beauty of it in person.

And right after we saw the station, we head back and got some Korean lunch!

And since the Korean restaurant we had lunch at is close to Rockefeller, we walked our way to it and see the Christmas tree. It is honestly my first time to see the tree up close and we took some photos of it.

The weather is really nice to be in the city that day. Then, we fell in line towards the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink. I made sure that my sister and her husband wanted to try ice skating and not just me. We fell in line and waited for like 30 minutes til we get onto our scheduled time.

We rented shoes and we are all excited, especially me! When our time came, I wore my skates and carefully walked my way slowly to the rink.

Two thing: (1) It is really scary to walk on plain ice with your plain shoes, now imagine that you are on skates and on ice! Yikes. And (2) how am I going to get myself stand and balanced myself comfortably. I finally got to step on the ice and it is really scary! And knowing that I don’t have knowledge in it and I am not confident, I am scared to fall and I spend the entire time on the railings.

It was honestly the best New York experience I ever had. Will I try it next time? Definitely.

My next on the list is indoor roller skates, just like in the 80’s! I’ve already planned where to go but because of the current situation we are right now, I had to cancel and postpone it.

What about you, have you tried ice skating? Share your experience!

4 thoughts on “Winter in New York City

  1. NYC in the early winter is the best! It looks like you got in some great activities on the day you were visiting. Next time you visit during the holidays, check out the Union Square Christmas Market, they always have so many cute booths and tons of delicious food 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think we passed by this market but I didn’t know what it’s called >.< they do have cute booths! I didn't tried the foods thought. Hopefully one day!


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