Book Review: Overcoming ‘Quarter-Life’ Crisis through Postive Thinking

If you know me personally, I don’t read books but I do purchase them. Thinking that I’ll open them someday. But this book is an exception, not only because it is written by a good friend of mine, but because it intrigues me.

When she first mentioned that she’ll be releasing another book (her second book), I got giddy and excited to get them. Honestly, because I have read her blogs and posts and MOST of them struck me the most aka the feels.

I have known her for as long as I can remember, we started talking and even gave me permission to co-own a page she owns (FB: Scribbles and Polaroids). She wrote a lot of blog posts that I love and I always look forward to reading.

And she recently released a new book entitled: Overcoming “Quarter-Life” Crisis through Positive Thinking which is also out on Amazon. And I am here to tell you, this book is a good one. I couldn’t agree more to what she have written.

Here are some points/insights that struck me the most:

“I’m that type of person who writes her thoughts on a notebook or journal and actually re-reads it after a while when nothing seems to be right anymore” This is the exact reason why I started my blog back in 2010, just so I have something to write and share my feelings to. It is actually hard for me to express my feelings in words, that is why bursting out words to express my feelings helped me a lot!

This is just a my way to de-stress and forget everything. She is right though, there are some aspects of life that you think is okay, but deeply you are experiencing quarter life crisis. To be honest, a few years back, I felt that I am experiencing it, I even searched for the meaning of it and agreed to everything the website mentioned. And same feelings with this book.

With that said, one factor is getting heart broken. That point is when I realized, maybe I am experiencing this quarter life crisis that they say. I almost fell and one way I went back is the mantra always keep in mind: Let Go and Let God. Letting go of what has been your habit is not easy, but also letting go of it makes you feel new, to start anew and letting God to guide you. Also means you have to forgive, for your inner peace.

This book has also a page where you could share your list of things that makes you happy. I was hesistant at first, I am contemplating with myself if this is the right time to write a list. Turns out it is not a good timing, so I went and continued to read the pages. It struck me, that life indeed is short. Learn to forgive, learn to enjoy little things which gave me the urge to write my heart again, leading to this long review blog post for her book and most importantly, to dedma all the negativity in my life right now and focus on the good.

This book enlightened me to be positive and enjoy life. To enjoy and the little things in my life. To be the happiest I can be. I just want to thank you, Kristine for this amazing book!

If you are looking for a good read, this book is the one! Available on Amazon.

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