Ringing Rocks, Pennsylvania

On the 30th of September, we went out to go on a hike. Before that we already planned to hike but not sure where to go as we don’t normally go out. There are honestly few places to go but we choose the one that is close and that’s the one in Pennyslvania.

Ringing Rocks is located in Bucks County Pennsylvania (Ringing Rocks Road, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972)

From New Jersey, the drive is almost an hour and honestly I was too scared to drive knowing that it will be my first time driving to a place where we don’t normally go. We used my phone as the GPS and luckily we directed me to go local. Not only it saved me from passing highways and trucks, but we were able to see nature and enjoy the trees!

“Bring your own hammer and strike the boulder” one of the notes on their website and when we were packing our stuff for that trip, my sister’s husband asked us to bring a hammer which I was really skeptical why and what the hammer is for, until we’ve seen the 123 acre Ringing Rocks Park.

We tried to smash them with our hammer and each boulder had different sounds. What we were trying to look for is the boulder that sounds like a bell.

I really had cold palm and really was nervous driving to our location. Imagine, I drove 53 miles for the first time and 53 more miles going back to New Jersey. Knowing that I can only drive from work to home and run some groceries which are always a close distance. That is the first time driving that far, that even my father didn’t like the idea of me driving to a far place. But overcoming my fear of driving made me feel so achieved and proud that I can do things like that. And I was really happy that I drove that distance, if without that experience I wouldn’t be able to know that I’ll be able to conquer that fear of the road.

And when we’re on our way back to New Jersey, we stopped in Frenchtown, NJ to grab some coffee and something to bite.

Right after we had like 30 minute break from driving, we went straight to Princeton, NJ. We walked through the Princeton University and enjoyed the nice afternoon.

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