2010-2019 | My Reversed Bucket List

The year has come to an end, and I must say- it was an amazing year to be honest! Got to meet new friends, new family and my heart has been in a peaceful and happiest state.

I have been away on my blog for the past few months. I promise you, I am trying my very best to keep the blog alive. And I honestly have few photos to share with you and the blog. But let me greet you all a happy new year!

2019 has been a crazy roller coaster ride of laughter, tears, trials and new experiences! And now on to a new chapter and hello 2020! I was gonna do and finish this post yesterday but I got too full of all the foods I indulged and got too sleepy, so here it is.

I got the idea and inspiration from Karen Roldan, see her post here.

Here to look back with all the achievements I had for the past couple years:

Graduated college then migrated in USA. During my last two semesters in college, we were too busy taking care of the papers that we need for migrating. Honestly, I remember the back and forth commute I had to do just to make in time to one of my major class that time! But all thanks to God, everything went well! 2011 was the year, God made everything possible.

2011: Stop Over at Narita, Japan

First Job. After a year or two being in New Jersey, I got my first job. Waking up at dawn and work til noon, that has been my routine for almost 5 years. Til I found a job that I love. Also, I learned how to drive surprisingly, after a year or two getting carpools, finally got the courage to drive by myself.

Got my first tattoo. And on to the next tattoo in next few days!

Blogged publicly. I have been blogging since 2010 and honestly, most of the blogs I write on my first year were all private and I only got the guts to publish the things I write and photos I took in 2015. I was really shy to put all my work in this internet space, but luckily, I had some support from family and you all who reads my blogs up to this day! So, I thank you. Thus, The Blank Polaroids was created.

Got to see my first love, Jason Mraz. From listening to his songs on my phone to seeing him sing one of my faves– I’m Yours, it’s one of the best memory I had in 2014.

Visited Maryland, Virginia and Washington for the first time. Starting to tick off my state bucket list! Then got to see the White House, spent Christmas and Thanksgiving with extended family!

A legit NYC organization contacted me on their event. This was the year I blossomed and felt appreciated. It made me feel happy and determined to pursue my dream and what I do. It’s not being in New York, but the fact that someone saw the work I did made my heart smile and hopeful to he honest! I didn’t go to the event, cause that’s the same year we are on our way to visit the Philippines for vacation after five long years!

2016: Vacation in the Philippines

Moved on from a toxic relationship and stood strong. It took me few months to realize that I was in one. But thankfully, God saved me and God brought me back to His arms. I am truly grateful to that eye opener experience which gave me enough strength to face the world and be wiser.

Travelled alone and visited not just one state but two: Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Visited my college friends and took the guts to ride a plane alone and be grateful for being alive!

First baby photoshoot and “pre-nup” photoshoot. Without any photography experience, I am so happy how the photos turned out! Hoping one day I can create a portfolio for these photos I take. One of the things that makes me happy- to write and take photos! Creating digital works: wedding invites and baptismal invites, looking forward to what this creativity takes me in this new year.

Passed our US citizenship test. After living here for almost eight years, I finally call this a home. And I still long for cousins, relatives and friends. But I’m glad and grateful for all the people I have met, became friends whilest living here.

Visited New York a million times and fell in love with the city. Most of the posts I have here on my blog were about New York. How I love the city and the photos I took in the city! Hoping to capture new photos and memories by the end of the month! Even saw Cherry Blossoms in Central Park, New York. And few posts on some of our New York trip will be posted soon ^^

2018: Central Park, NYC

Purchased my first car. Whilst learning to drive the beginning of our migrating here, we used our dad’s old car. Then, purchased a car that I can use with the help of my dad on the payment stuff. But last year— 2018, was my first purchased car. Not my dream car, but its taking me to places so that’s enough.

Drove for a road trip for the first time. I haven’t posted a blog about this but I’m hoping to finish them in the next couple days!

Changed domain. Felt I needed a change on my blog. From theblankpolaroids to having irishkristine— which incorporated my name. More personal and travel posts in the blog hopefully soon. Also, I’m trying to capture video memories as well, hoping to make more videos this year.

Went on a spontaneous ice skating trip. It was freezing! But I’ll get a blog posted about it.

Heart is happy. This little heart of mine is on its happiest state. No further sugar coated stuff about it, but I am happy and grateful- ALWAYS.

2019— was a roller coaster ride full of new experiences, laughters and happiness. I pray that this new year will be an amazing year. To more travels, new experiences and more happines!

Cheers, 2020!

All photos are edited using Adobe Lightroom Mobile – Preset: Equinox (marjanne.co)

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