Unexpected Ferry Ride | New York

New York City will always have a special place in my heart. I remember telling myself that I would go to this place in New York when the right time comes! And being in the city made me fall in love with it a thousand times more.

Since New York is only probably an hour train ride, we always get a chance to visit it every now and then.

After our last New York trip where we only visited Times Square, we planned to setup another day to visit One World Trade Center and Brooklyn Bridge! From Hamilton, NJ to Newark Penn then transfer to PATH train to get to One World Trade Center. But since that is a weekend, we didn’t realized that they changed train route schedule. So instead of a train straight to our destination, we stopped at the last weekend stop (which I honestly forgot the name) but then we rode a ferry (for free) in Harborside Ferry Terminal!

I had a mix feelings about this ferry ride. First: so nervous that I get sea sick from my past experience of getting in a boat which was a blog I wrote two years ago maybe?; and Second: feeling excited that I get to experience a ferry and see the beauty of the cuty in another view!

Since it was a weekend, there are a lot of people wanting to go to One World Trade Center and the line we waited to get to the ferry is almost thirty minutes! But I don’t mind waiting that long cause I get to see the beauty of this scenery.

Soon as we arrived our destination, we just can’t wait to take a stroll. Being my sister’s husband and his brother’s first time to go to this place we took that time to enjoy the view and the nice weather.

One of my favorite was the grafitti wall next to the Oculus Mall.

I really wished we had time to take some photos on that wall! >.<

Then we head to our next destination which is Chinatown. Since it’s almost lunch time, we spent the few hours walking and had our lunch at our favorite place in Chinatown. As usual, I totally forgot the name of the place. Then we had Gong Cha which is really good for a first timer. Then we walked our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

And to conclude this blog, here’s a short clip that I created for that trip.

I’ll be back with some more posts! And new videos, so maybe subscribe to my Youtube Channel where I’ll be posting more mini travel clips!

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