Life Lately | A Way Where I Can Share My Photos

I was planning to post a separate log on our weekend in New York but I realised that I didn’t took that much photos, so I’ll just do a life lately post where I dump and share my photos.

I have few photos that I really wanted to share but I don’t have enough words to cover a whole post.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Central Park, New York

We arrived New York around 7 in the morning and it poured a little so we were a bit indecisive whether to continue visiting Central Park or just stay in Times Square. But the rain didn’t stopped us, we hopped in a cab and went to Central Park as planned. We have been planning to see the Cherry Blossom Festival, but then the week we’re planning to head to Washington D.C, it started to rain. Our next options was in Roosevelt Island, but since we weren’t familiar with the transportation in Roosevelt Island, we decided to go where we are most familiar with — Central Park!

Weekend Getaway in New York

That Sunday weekend after we went to Princeton, NJ we visited New York for the nth time but this time, to show my sister’s boyfriend and his brother around! We visited Times Square: went inside all the stalls, I got to purchase one M&M pillow and Line Bear(?). Then we visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where my sister got engaged! It was sweet and simple.

Peach Picking in Princeton, New Jersey

It was a warm and nice afternoon when we decided to go peach picking! A new experience to be honest, cause we did apple picking in the past years and didn’t really know the do’s and dont’s of picking a peach and I don’t really want to waste the fruit! Haha

And that is it for now. I’ll post few more blog in the next couple of weeks!

Photos Taken Using: Nikon D3200 and iPhone 8plus

Edited Using: Adobe Lightroom Mobile (preset from Corinth Suarez and Marjanne Suarez)

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