A Day in Boston, Massachusetts

This blog post is long overdue. I’ve had these images edited since November 2018 but because I am my usual self, I forgot about these OR I may have drafted a post for it but I didn’t like the output so here I am trying to write up another post for this trip. ^^

See my Rhode Island blog post here.

This was my first trip and it’s the best and meaningful one! This trip ticks off one of my bucket list: (1) visiting another state and (2) to travel alone.

We started our Saturday morning (October 17th) with breakfast with my lovely friends then after that, we head out on the road and started our almost two hour drive.

This was my first Boston photo —

On this trip I didn’t took photos of myself, I just want to take the time to breathe and enjoy the views I’m seeing.

I honestly thank God for blessing us that day with a perfect weather for a long walk! We enjoyed the trip, I enjoyed that trip honestly.

We then went to see the Boston Common.

That concludes our day in Boston, Massachusetts. Til my next travel! And hopefully to new experiences this year! ^^

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