2018: You Have Been the Greatest!

I’m starting to wonder, when will i ever finish this post! I have been drafting posts but ended up deleting them…so here’s another attempt to write up a year-ender post (for me to look back in the next years)!

2018 has been really crazy roller-coaster like year. A year of laughter, new life lessons and experiences!

There are honestly a million things I wanted to tell you guys, from why I am being MIA on the blog, not posting things on our page and not posting new things on my Instagram.

The reason? I lack of inspiration and honestly, I don’t have any idea what to write. But this new year, I told myself to give time to the things I love to do, which includes writing and this blog!

So let me take this time to write few things about my year and things I am truly grateful for!


  • After few years of living in the United States and with God’s willing grace, we passed the US Citizenship Test. Hundred items to read and memorize, I even reviewed some time while I’m at work. Hard work and good memorization paid off. I now call this country my new home!
  • Got the chance to get myself a new car! I’ve had my Sonata for years and it’s actually my first car. But then we have decided that it is time for me to get my own car. Honestly not my dream car but I am still grateful that I have something to drive around work. My baby, my fruit of labor!
  • Celebrated my 27th birthday with a happy and much stronger heart. I promised myself that day that I’ll be stronger and thank God for giving it to me- for giving me a whole year of being strong and forever grateful for all the people who didn’t leave and those people who stood beside me and watched over my weak heart.


  • My sister and I went on a movie and dinner date! I needed that ‘talk’. Truly grateful that I have a best friend and a sister that day!
  • Got to see my godson for the second time! And even had the opportunity to take photos of him. That was my first ‘newborn photography’ session. It was a new experience for me and I really had so much fun!
  • Come June, he was baptized. Of course I was there and we did these cupcake toppers for them and we were their ‘official photographer’ that day! The photos turned out amazing though, big thanks to my sister who took all the photos!


  • Celebrated fourth of July with the family and my sister’s boyfriend. Had a little dinner in our backyard and just enjoyed that simple day with them.
  • In September, we watched Paranormal Cirque. It was honestly the most amazing show ever! You can check my blog about that: here.
  • Also got time to spend Sunday morning with my parents and one of my sister. We woke up early, walked at a park, watch the sun rise and had breakfast with them!
  • We also visited Washington, D.C in September. Got to see the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool and visited the Smithsonian Museum. See post here.


  • Second week of October, I got to experience travelling alone. Visited some friends in Rhode Island then went to Boston on that weekend (Boston blog post is long overdue, but will be up in the few days). It was a great me time, time with good and amazing friends.
  • October is also the month where I experienced my first ‘field-work’. Truly grateful for the opportunities I get and experience in this job I love. Always have something new to learn every single day!
  • November we got to spent Thanksgiving holiday in Virginia with family! Extended family are always fun to be with!
  • And lastly, December – it was a busy month in work but I thank the Lord for that blessing. Having something I love and that I know I’ll be excelling. And a happy Christmas with my family.

Sums up my year! Looking forward to the new year and it’s new chapter. I honestly shed tears in the few months, but I am thankful that I have my Lord to guide me always. To all the people who appreciates me, believed in me and to those who stick up with me throughout this craziness – from the bottom of my hear, thank you so much! I’m leaving all the negativity behind whether it may be an experience, feeling or person.

Cheers to a brand new year, a brand new chapter in my life. Cheers to the people who will be with me in the new year, for greater work opportunities, stronger heart, stronger me and healthier me. Happy New Year!

Featured image from Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “2018: You Have Been the Greatest!

    1. Belated New Year Kai! Thank you, yeah a lot of memorization plus the dates and events! Haha. Congrats to you too! Well, I miss you. I’ve been searching for your blog but I’m always unsuccessful. Glad that you commented on my post! Goodluck to our 2019! ❤️


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