Friday in Providence, Rhode Island

I never get to travel a lot that’s why my most visited state is New York. And if I’m lucky, we get to visit Virginia to visit some family – but I haven’t really explored Virginia that much as like I said, we are just visiting family whenever we are in the state! So then, the first state I solo-traveled is Rhode Island. I honestly didn’t thought that I’d be taking a vacation this year – and that I will be able to go to another state!

So on October 18th, I arrived Rhode Island at around 10PM and there’s nothing we can do at a short night. We head back to my friends’ home and the weather that night is insanely cold (compared to New Jersey).

Our first actual day started on Friday! We had breakfast and stayed at home in the morning while waiting for my friend to get off of work! Then we head out and had had my first Greek lunch which was really good! Then we went to check out Providence, Rhode Island.

All photos that I’ll be sharing in this post were all shot using my iPhone8+ and edited using mobile Adobe Lightroom**

Glad the weather that day is a bit nice! It was windy but it was really a great time to have a walk!

Then we’re on to our next: Roger Williams Park. Right on this park I had a million realizations about my life and everything else that’s bothering me and my mind that time! It’s like I just want to stare at the beauty in front of me and thank God for everything.

Seeing the beauty of another place made me realize that it is good to be alive! It is nice to spend time alone, breathe fresh air and just to be with friends!

Later that night we went to see the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular by the Roger Williams Park Zoo! I honestly haven’t been in one of these Halloween things because (a) I am not sure if we have something similar to it here in our city and (b) I just don’t go out that much. Haha.

I was amazed at how artistic and amazing these pumpkins looked, especially at night! Oh wait, also I saw an elephant – my first time seeing one! ^^,

So here you go, hope you enjoy these photos!

PS: Blog title is a mess, I just can’t really think of any good title for this post! 🙂

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