My First Solo Travel Experience

To those people who personally know me, knows that I don’t go out that much. I’d rather stay at home – watch Netflix, a series or play video games. And for someone who is shy, quiet and awkward- this trip is really big and it did meant something for me, I must say, one of the things I have achieved before I reach 30.

I really don’t plan on going anywhere this year to be honest. I have dream places/states to visit, but it’s not my year yet. Besides, before I asked my parents about this trip, I am not a 100% sure that they’ll allow me to– but surprisingly, they did.

Soon as they agreed on to my favor, I booked my ticket. I searched where should I go book my ticket. I downloaded a lot of traveling app on my phone and I landed on buying my tickets on Expedia. First time booking my tickets online and Expedia didn’t let me down!

I flew from Philadelphia International Airport to Rhode Island. I’ve waited two-long hours seated on the gate waiting for my flight to board. One thing I loved about this trip was the flight Online Check-In. It saved a lot of my time cause I was able to check in 24-hour prior to my flight. Especially my last stay at Rhode Island, I woke up a bit late and I only had like an hour to prepare myself.

As a first time traveling by myself I figured that I still have a lot of things to know, things that I should and shouldn’t do.

  • Packing light. Google and Pinterest was my hope and the only thing I have when it comes to packing stuffs for a 3-day trip. I packed all my necessities and all the important things that I need on that trip. I packed two jeans, 4 long sleeves shirts, 2 pairs of pjamas and 2 extra sleepwear shirt, 1 extra shoes, socks, underwear and a towel – that I need to fit in a small suitcase! I really had hard time packing and fitting them all at one suitcase. Usually when I travel, I go with my parents/family that way if I bring extra things that doesn’t fit on my luggage, then I can just fit it on theirs. And I have a small backpack where I can put all my important things on it, like my camera, wallet and passport! And on my last night, I did a little shopping for my family so that leaves me to having extra shirts to fit on my small suitcase! I tried the military folding (which you can view here– and I did all that technique to fold my shirts and even my pants) and because of my backpack I was able to store 2-3 more long sleeves shirts!
  • Online Check-In. As I have mentioned earlier on this post, online check in saved me a lot of time! I believe not airlines and airports offer online check-in, luckily Philadelphia Int’l Airport and American Airlines do. So 24-hour prior to my boarding time, I was already checked-in!

The trip was really short like literally 45-minute plane ride. You might wonder, why I chose to fly than to take the train or drive – and the answer is:  I am scared that I might miss my connecting train transfer and I am scared to drive in highways and mind you that if I drive that’ll take like long hours on the road by yourself and no one to switch chances to drive. So plane is convenient and practical, I guess.

And my first travel experience is honestly scary and I was so nervous the whole week before the actual date! But this experience taught me a few life things and made me realize about simple things in life.

And that may have been the shortest vacation ever, but I know that I enjoyed that time with friends and that time to myself where I just think about life and how great it is to be alive! Ticking off some of the things on bucket list: to travel alone and visit N/50 states in the USA.

PS: I hope to upload some of the photos and blog about that vacation. Hoping to finish the post sooner~

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