Life Lately: Catching Up

Finally got time to catch up with my blog. After a month and some, I’ve finally posted some photos from our one day Washington D.C. trip.

Life has been the same. I’m feeling alright and work’s busier than before but it’s still good. Now, this Life Lately post is just my excuse to share you all some of the things that had happen in my life experience so far! And an excuse to share you all the photos I have on my phone.

So let’s begin…

Paranormal Cirque. A month or two, my sister found this advertisment on Facebook about a Cirque show near us. I checked all the reviews and right there and then, I bought tickets for the three of us! Then last month, we finally saw it. We arrived almost an hour before the show starts, while we are on our way we stumbled upon IT girl who literally dressed like the guy from IT and she’s holding a red balloon! While we are approaching her, she’s pointing at us and laughs! I was a bit scared because (A) clown and it is something paranormal! I can’t even stand watching horror movies with my two eyes open.

Then we waited another 45 minutes til we get checked in on our seats. There’s a note on the website to arrive 45-minutes early to see a pre-show, but we never did see one. But it’s okay, I mean the show itself is really good and I mean, REALLLLY GOOD!

I brought my camera with me and didn’t really had the chance to use it that much. They have this No Photography rule the entire show. There are few people who are taking photos and some of the employees are warning them. So it’s still a good thing, we can focus on the show like the old times!

We are that close to the stage. Like literally a row of seat apart from the stage. And the venue is not that big, so it doesn’t really matter where you sit because you’ll still see the acts clearly! First act was that six guys who do things at that bar. I absolutely loved it, one: because I’ve only seen such act on TV and now I’m seeing it live!

Show started at 6:30PM and lasted til like around 8:30PM. It’s one of the best things I’ve watched to be honest! The acts were really great and amazing! I had a great time laughing, smiling and feeling amazed all the time!

Morning walk at a Park. Then few days after that, my parents and my other sister went to a nearby park to do a little morning walk. First time doing it since I always wake up late especially on weekends!

Usual me, I took few photos here and there and just watched how the morning looks like! The nature, fog and the laughters we had that morning! Enjoy these few snaps that I took that day~

Bullet Journal. Guess who failed to do bullet journal! Yup, this girl right here just really can’t keep up with written planners. Though I have this planner at work where I just store all my work stuffs and time in informations just so I can keep track of my time log, and that planner really works out for me. So I’ll just stick with that planner instead of doing bullet journals! Haha.

And well, I guess that is everything for now! I’ll be back some other day and hopefully with some new posts! ^_^

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