Life Lately | Unplanned Hiatus

It’s been a while since I posted in here. I try to draft posts here and there but I feel like my drafts are getting sadder and sadder each day. So might as well leave that on drafts for now.

So, how are you all? While I am slacking on posting and writing blogs – I am doing good, keeping myself busy with work and other things. I am well and healthy, that’s good right?

Last weekend my family and I decided to do home style Samgyupsal. We tried it first back in the Philippines when we had that month long vacation and we enjoyed it. Since then, we started craving for it, or it’s just me — we bought the thing where you cook the meat and my sister who’s into Korean things prepared the dippings and it definitely tasted so good. As you can see on the photo above.

Then I bought myself a new cuddly bear! Had a beartificate for him and his name is Woofy, my new baby. I build him at Build A Bear, and I had so much fun creating him. Got him a strawberry smell and got to wish on a heart that’s inside of him. I feel like a kid who gets to do this thing. So fun!

So what else? I’m healthy and somewhat happy I guess. Work has been pretty good lately, compliments gives me inspiration to wake up everyday and go to work and do my work good— it’s pretty busy but I’m loving it.

I’m still playing mobile games — PlayerUnkown BattleGrounds to be exact! It relieves stress and I definitely forget every problem that I think and have.

And finally saw these babies after a very long time! They still know how to pose for a perfect photo!

And yesterday (081118) my sisters and their friend met up to catch up and we watched a movie and had dinner. It’s fun I must say, going out with a friend and going home til like almost 9PM. We eatched ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me”, Mila Kunis is really gorgeous especially her eyes.

I’m still binge watching The Office, I’m on the 6th season. Jim and Pam still gives me “kilig” and I find the show really good and funny! I have few more tv shows that I want to binge. Next will be either FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother. Then Big Bang Theory. I wonder how long that would take me. Hahah. Any recommendations on good tv shows?

As for the blog, I’ll bring back my old self and get interest in writing new stuffs again. I’m planning to update my blogroll in the few weeks or so. Hang in there my blog, soon I’ll be able to write new stuffs again and this time no more negativity in my little internet space.

So that’s everything. Just a little update for my blog. I’ll see y’all next time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life Lately | Unplanned Hiatus

  1. If you want to go for innocent (sometimes), sarcastic and funny jokes, go for Friends but if you want some green jokes here and there, go for HIMYM. Both are my faves but HIMYM made me cry at the ending while Friends I was all meh.


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