Christmas Tree Lighting at Princeton, NJ

Yes, I am just writing this now…in March.

Our main reason why we visited Princeton this time was because my sister had this project in school that she had to try on some bakery and some sorts, and since we thought Princeton has few spots, so why not.

And every time we go to Princeton, we all make sure we walk five all together because this place really gets crowded sometimes and has a lot of people, touristy-vibes. But then since there are limited parking space in the area, my parents let us walk just the three of us and look for a bakery where my sister could get information for her assignment. It was then a time for us to take photos and enjoy that day..

Upon walking and looking for the spot, we saw this place where people are taking their photos up, so why not we stop here for a while and take our photos as well.

Right after we took few photos here, we head back in search for a place to eat and try foods~

We stumbled upon, House of Cupcakes ~ where there a lot of…cupcakes obviously. And sweets, cookies and macarons. I remembered ordering something chocolate cupcake and a cookie and we tried to eat their for a minute. The place was a bit crowded because there are a lot of people who go there and hey, I can’t blame them..the food was really great and the people who work there are really nice and accommodating. I was really scared to take sneaky photos at first since I didn’t ask for any permission, but we still did just for the project purpose.

Right after that, we head out and saw that there a bunch of people going in the same location. There were firetruck pulling up and a lot of people really. And there we realized and knew that they were lighting up the Christmas Tree at the park. We usually just go there and the tree has been already lit up. So again, it was a first for us.

The tree lighting started at around 6:30 in the evening, so we had few more time to take portraits…again.


We had so much fun while waiting for the event to happen. We took bunch of photos and of course, I took that time to try taking decent photos of my family, because they are just simply my favorite subject.

The event started like around 7PM or so, Christmas songs were being sung by the carolers and you can just smell the breeze of Christmas. They did one story telling and entertain the kids who wished to see Santa. And they didn’t let us down, I saw santa too (my happy kid at heart). They started counting down to lighting up the tree. It was the most precious and exciting moment ever!

It was our first time to see them light up the tree and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was the best thing ever. I got chills and smiles all over my face. People were happy and I am happy that my family and I got to see this. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see the one in New York!

One thought on “Christmas Tree Lighting at Princeton, NJ

  1. I don’t mind reading about Christmas in March! Seems like a really happy memory with your family. I love how you said about how they are your favorite subject – I feel the same way. I’d usually end up with a couple of photos of myself and tens of them haha.


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