Basilica of National Shrine | Washington, D.C

No surprise that I started to love the ideas of small travels. It started when we had that long drive to Virginia to see some relatives and that was the first time we traveled out of the state ~ besides New York and Pennsylvania.

We packed our clothes two days before we leave that’s how excited I am to see kids and relatives that we haven’t seen in months or more likely in a year.

It was a two or three hours drive from New Jersey. We had to stop at Maryland to get something to eat and have a little break. We left New Jersey after lunch since my sisters had to go to work in the morning ~ we then arrived Virginia around 6 in the evening – perfect timing for dinner.

On the 25th of December, we head out early in the morning to hear a Sunday mass in Washington D.C at the Basilica of National Shrine.

After the mass, we head downstairs to check out the place. Course, I had to buy myself a souvenir from this beautiful church. I bought two prayer booklets and one of them is the serenity prayer which is my favorite ❤ and we took few photos from here.



Here is how I look back in December. I’ve lost a few weight and I’m still having hard time gaining it all back….

It was really a great thing we got to visit this place before the year ends. A new experience for the three of us and for the whole family.

We took a bunch of photos, but since my family are in it, I prefer not to post them here. 🙂

Then we head back on the road to visit the White House and have a nice walk around the place. I got to see new places and get amazed by it. First, we saw the Washington Monument (if I’m not mistaken).

The weather was a bit chilly and windy but we still end up walking from where we can see the Monument up to the White House, it took a good like thirty minute walk.


And I’m realizing that I didn’t really got to take photos that much…other than our family portraits.

But the entire trip was really great. After we visited The White House, we had some coffee and hot chocolate to sip during that weather and then we head back to Virginia to celebrate Christmas with the family.

And oh, I received a necklace from my Aunt and Uncle who are very generous to let us stay in their home for two nights..



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