Life Lately: What’s Up?

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This was initially more like a post-thanksgiving post where I take time to list down all the things that I’m thankful for the past year but I guess this is a good time to explain why I was in a not-so-long hiatus on the blog.

So what’s up? Seriously, what’s up Kristine?

I haven’t really been blogging that much probably because (1) I’m lazy to open up my laptop and my phone isn’t really that accessible to the photos in our hard drive, (2) I am still uninspired to write anything up and (3) I’m just really lazy. :p

But hold up, I’ve drafted one post and finished up that Washington D.C blog that I’ve been meaning to write since January and I’m drafting this up before I get lazy and spend my time playing Mobile Legends.

I’ll be turning a year older this hooray for birthdays!

And oh, I had two haircuts in a week. I went from a short bob and the next day I had the left side semi undercut and had it much shorter. I feel different though, like I look really different. Hehe. I like to show you my photo but then when I previewed it, it looked a bit bigger and I didn’t really like how my photo will turn out on my blog. hahaha

What else, I just bought a car. Not my dream car, but hey at least I don’t need to spend hundred more bucks every week just because I had to drop it off to the mechanic and have it fix every now and then. I’m loving the new car though, small and really nice.

Work is still doing fine. I’m doing few stuffs and trying to help others when I’m pretty caught up with my job. It’s nice, I get to learn new things every now and then. And you know what, I hate phone conversations – but I have to love it slowly because it’s part of my job as well.

The interview we had in January is a success! My sisters and I got it and we’re happy about it. Nothing changed to be honest, but at least we no longer think of that interview and review for items every night. Then we celebrated after and I had margarita and I loved it.

IMG_0200.JPGLast February 14th, as usual I don’t have a date. I never get dates on that day ~ so that’s not new at all. LOL.

But I had to drive my sister and her boyfriend on their dinner date, and yes I am their chaperon and I don’t want to bother them on their dinner date, so I asked the server if she can transfer me to a different table where I could be alone and just be by myself.

That was my first time doing that in the states. Back in the PH, I used to watch movie and eat alone, it was really a great experience. I had the whole table for myself. Ordered me a meal and a dessert. I had so much fun though it sounded a bit sad, but I had fun.

Then every year, my dad always surprises us with flowers and chocolates every Valentine’s Day, this year I got two white roses and one red rose and one box of chocolate ~ because who doesn’t like chocolates!

I’m back to bullet journals because I need to distract myself from things that has been bothering me. Writing and doodles makes me feel really happy, that’s why I’m trying bullet journal again.

I’m loving Netflix’ comedy series where there are bunch of comedians perform and such, last night I watched Marlon Wayans’ Woke-ish and I laughed so hard. I might watch one today after this or probably next weekend.

I honestly can’t think of anything right now, but hey I’m good and really feeling alright. I’m starting my day reading bible verses to keep me going and happy.

This is a start, I’ll try to give my blog a little more time. Slowly, one post at a time.

Happy Sunday y’all! 🙂

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