Life Lately: What’s Going On?

Happy almost Fri-yay! Well I am drafting this on a Thursday night and as usual I’d be probably posting this on a weekend or maybe tomorrow (which by then it’s Fri-yay)! And as usual, I decided to publish it few days after. Haha. So what’s really going on? I’ve been literally MIA on the blog again for the nth time.

But as you can tell, I edited my theme again…well same theme but tweaked a bit and removed the widgets and the sidebar. Though some of my social links are at the bottom page but take note that you’ll see the links when you’re ONLY at the home page :p

So, what’s up with you guys? How y’all doing? To be honest, I’ve been spending time on bloglovin’ and reading posts from there or on twitter.

Life Related ***

Life is still the same. Well I posted something last week — more like a rant I wrote and after few hours I decided to set it on draft, that would probably be on the life related. Oh did I tell you that my sisters watched Fate of The Furious last weekend? And we tried it on iMAX and man, that was a great movie! Oh, I had a nerve wrecking driving incident…what happened was, our car suddenly decided to stop! But God is really great because we stopped on the cinema’s parking lot. Imagine if we stopped on a highway? Enough talk, the movie was really great! Oh, we watched Get Out too, but sadly just half of the movie because we have to leave and go to what we really paid for :p

Work Related ***

The rant I posted last week was about my work. I have the best bosses ever and talked through with it. They even gave me less time with the two-coworkers and more time doing office work, which is pretty awesome! Office work means I get to learn about the stuffs and the products we are getting. Yay. Today (Thursday – since I drafted it on that day) was ‘Bring your kid to work day’ and I love the kids who visited us, though I wasn’t able to see them have fun but I hear them laugh and that was a good thing. Hehe.

Other Stuff Related ***

I am back to practicing my calligraphy and printed a bunch of handwriting worksheets. I also started doodling again just like the good ol college days! I subscribed to a three months (free) iTunes music and I’m loving it.

Spring has already sprung! I planned to create a post last month like a what happened to my month thing, but as usual I end up not finishing the draft and ends up in my trash. Hehe.

So that’s it. I’ll try to draft posts and probably will join in the #100DaysOf____ challenge, though I am not a hundred percent sure that I’ll be able to achieve it but who knows. :p so that’s really is it….Happy May!!!

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