Goodbye, February

This month flew so fast. I can still feel some Philippine air and I still feel so jet lagged or I’m just that lazy….lol but nonetheless, goodbye awesome February! And this month, I have been MIA on the blog and haven’t posted anything, though honestly I drafted few notes on my paper and on my phone. I guess I didn’t have that time to write them here. Anyways, how are you guys? I missed you all, I missed writing and I missed reading blogs.

Well like I said, this month flew soooo fast! And in couple weeks I’ll be turning another year older. Boo! So what’s up with me? Anything new? Well no, same old stuff going on in my life. I’ve been getting more sleep on my weekends off, so that’s a new thing. Also spending lots of time watching Spongebob Squarepants and that’s another reason why I’m not writing….getting distracted with the show.

I’ve also deleted couple posts on my blog, all the unused photos and reedited some of my featured photos. So you’ll see tweaks on my blog here and there, it’s a good thing though. I just wanted to start new but still have the older posts I have.

What else?

I finally got a new lens! I asked my dad for a new lens as his birthday gift for me and it came in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to try and get some photos! Well I conducted a poll on Twitter couple weeks ago on what bloggers/photographers use to take photos, and men Canon is really the choice of every one of you guys. Well I can’t blame you, I’ve used it once. But anyways, the lens I got is a Nikon AS-F DX 35mm lens. ** I’ll show it to you guys over the weekend, I promise.

Work has been really busy and lately I’ve been feeling all tired. Well that probably explains why I always sleep on my weekends off. Hah! I wish I could show you guys the pile of shirts we have in our room, it’s a LOT!

My sisters and I went out with our friends last Saturday and we had frozen yogurt and talked about our lives! And I didn’t realized how time flew when you’re having the best of it, we spent almost three hours talking and laughing….it was the best!

I’ve watched few movies this month:

  • Rings. Erm…..I can’t say if I enjoyed it or found it boring. It sure made me jumped a few times but nah, not gonna watch it again in the future tho.
  • Central Intelligence. It’s funny, Kevin Hart is funny and I’m in love. Hah. You guys should watch it if you’re looking for few laughs.
  • Lights Off. It’s the best one I’ve seen!! It’s a bit sca….oh wait, it really scary. It made me scream on the first few minutes like just before the opening title screen showed up.
  • Mike and Dave needs Wedding Dates. One of my February favorites!

That’s all for my my February movie lists ~

I tried creating a bullet journal on the second week of February and guess what, I completely forgot that I have one! Booo. So I’ll try to do one more time this month and let’s see how it goes!

And I guess that’s it, this post is one of those days that I don’t have any photo. So yeah, happy Wednesday and Happy first of March! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Goodbye, February

  1. Congratulations on the new lens! I’m so jelly. I’ve been wanting to go back to photography but couldn’t do it because my DSLR isn’t functioning well so instead of fixing it, I’ll be saving up for a mirrorless camera but I still don’t have a date in mind of when I should have one because I don’t want to pressure myself in saving up for something. Hahaha! 😀 Except for the laptop I’ve saved up for since it’s a need for my thesis. 🙂


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