DIY Memory Wall with Printiki

We are in a year where photos are stored online, either on Instagram or other social media. I’m not gonna lie, but I find online photo storage so great especially for audiences and family members who are all over the world. Like me, who has family and friends back in the Philippines, I am positive that sharing photo online is one of the best idea for sharing them without spending a single penny. I am also one of the people who still love to collect my photos in prints!

I start having my photos in actual prints back in 2013 and thought about, where am I going to store these prints? I actually bought a small photo album for it, but never actually used it – I even forgot where I placed the album itself. So I thought about something else and I’ve seen it on either Pinterest or Instagram. I decided to make myself a memory wall out of these prints!

On the 2nd of February, I received an email from Printiki and asked me if I wanted to try their service and since it’s not my first time to hear about Printiki, I immediately said yes! And it’s just in time that they’ve messaged me since I got few photos from our vacation that I wanted to be printed out. Who doesn’t want their photographs in prints, right? I’ve had the memory wall on our room for years, I’ve been adding up few photos here and there and that’s it.

Memory wall is one way I can showcase my love for photography and how I appreciate the photos I took. Let’s start this by putting off how Printiki does it.


I’ve placed my order on the 2nd of February (that’s the same day that they emailed me) so then I got so excited and placed my order right away. The process of choosing photos is not bad after all, they have a ton of uploader to choose from whether your image is stored in Facebook, Instagram or even in your Dropbox. You can also choose if you want gloss or matte prints, obviously I picked gloss!

So then, after four days I received the prints! It doesn’t come in a fancy box or packaging, but indeed the service delivery was fast and I expected it to arrive on Valentine’s Day week! So that’s a plus for me! Yay. Right there, I checked and took photos for the blog. This is my first time to use my DSLR for blog photos and I loved how they turned out! The photos itself is really great, it’s not pixelated not unlike when you have it printed at home.

This photo was taken from my iPhone6s+, and I love how clear the images turned out!

So you probably want to create your own memory wall. Here’s how I do it on my own way. And here’s what you need:

  • Adhesive Putty Tape
  • Photos

13Simple, right? What I would always do is to lay the photos first and decide what the pattern of the photos will be. And in this case, I didn’t have a pattern so I just went with whatever I wanted to place and what I wanted to be together. It’s really a fun way to showcase the photos and memories, especially to those who are super creative!  After deciding what to go first, I then, put a bit of the Adhesive Putty Tape at the back of the prints and directly to the wall. The adhesive tape will help you stick the prints on the wall and you still can remove it after without ruining the paint wall.


PS. I forgot to attach the image where I placed these prints. So then these print were on the wall next to me, and I always update it whenever I got new photos printed.

Besides our faces on our wall, I had the chance to have my New York prints on my wall as well. You know me and my love for New York! If you want to check out Printiki and how they do it, you can click the link HERE for more.

PS: Huge thanks to Printiki for giving me the chance to try out their service and their products!

Visit their links here: Instagram | Website

8 thoughts on “DIY Memory Wall with Printiki

  1. I haven’t printed my photos in a while and I wish I did. Printiki sounds like a great way to print photos. Where do you keep those? 🙂


    1. I have the prints hidden on my cabinet and just update the wall whenever I feel to. Printiki has photo books also if you don’t want the square prints 😉


  2. Hi ate I haven’t visited your blog in a long time!! I don’t print my photos but I might try it sooner or later; I’m practicing to shoot photos lately! 🙂


  3. I haven’t printed any photos for quite a while now. The last time I did was 3 years ago when I created a photobook. I like the prints from printiki, they look sharp and colors are vibrant.


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