Holidays in the Philippines

It’s no surprise that I miss the place where I grew up – The Philippines.

And I feel so lucky and grateful that after five long years of living in the United States, I can say that Yup, it’s nice to go back home~

It was almost an 18-hour flight from New York to Manila. We rented a cab that drove us from New Jersey to New York, which surprisingly took us few hours only. Heh. And yup, I didn’t sleep on the trip and took the entire road trip to see New York in dawn.. We came in early, checked in our bags and waited for our departure time. It was then, the 6th of December and to be honest, I am pretty much excited that we are all going back home. As usual, there is nothing much excited about a long haul flight, well good thing there is an in-flight games and tons of movies to keep us awake and entertained.

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Well you probably have seen this photo from a post before ~

But anyways, we had two hour layover in Narita, Japan which is also not bad. The aircraft we had in Japan is a bit smaller than the one we had in New York. Flight from Japan to Manila took us five hours and that only meant we had extra hours of sleep! And finally, we landed in Manila at around 10 PM, December 7th. The process going out of the airport was surprisingly fast, so then we head out to our designated Terminal and wait for our sister, who has no idea that we are ALL going home.

We waited for her to arrive at the terminal for like 30 minutes, because of….yup TRAFFIC. Hehe. Then after few more minutes of waiting, we have finally saw each other….after five years and celebrating holidays as a complete family after fifteen years! Thus, waiting for someone is REALLY worth it ~ And I was planning to vlog our stay in the Philippines, but end up doing nothing. Since I can’t upload them anyways, but I did have few videos from the trip which I have decided not to include them since they came out not good, plus the whole video I was shakey. So yup, no videos. Heh. So anyways, our first day was at the mall. Well I’m not sure what we did at the mall, to be exact.

And I’m going to skip a bit since this was a post about my experience of celebrating holidays in the Philippines.

December 24th, as usual Filipinos are all busy and packed up for the day preparing what to have on their Christmas Eve dinner. It was the best one ever…after long years. Celebrating Christmas on a place we call home is still the best. It’s so much far from how me and my parents are celebrating it here in the US, we planned not to do exchange gifts that year and we did so much better without it.

Before the actual day of Christmas, we’ve been going back and forth in Tarlac and somewhere in Pampanga to meet up with some relatives and family friends. And then before that, I had a lot of sisig in my stomach from different places and different ones too.

Having family friends who knew you since you were little and the reaction of their faces when they saw how grown-up you are is like sooo much for me. Fact: I’m a reallly shy kid and when our family friends saw me, they were all shocked that I’ve changed a bit and that I can communicate to others and talk a lot, unlike before. Heh. 

So then, New Years eve is my favorite! On the 31st of December we are already getting ready for the New Years Eve dinner; and you know why it’s my favorite holiday for the year 2016?

Yup, because of the foods. And so sorry for the crappy image resolution on there since the photos synced on my laptop are bad ~

And another thing was, that we got to watch fireworks and was able put up loud noises…which is I think is not allowed here in the US. On New Years Eve, we lit some fireworks and I was jumpy and shouting all the time…though I am aware that I haven’t had any alcohol in my system that time. :p but nonetheless, holidays in the Philippines is sure my favorite highlight of the trip.

Though this post is a bit lengthy and  you probably misunderstood a bunch of things, but hey I did enjoyed my holidays in the Philippines. And I don’t know when I’ll be back again…maybe after long years again.

Now we answer your question: How was my vacation? It was a bit short, since I kinda wanted to explore new places but wasn’t able to do it. But then I also miss working, you guys while I was in the Philippines I had dream about working again. Like, my body is having a vacation yet my mind is missing work. Hahaha. But all in all, it was an amazing vacation. I got to meet my friends back in high school and college. Had so much time with the family, extended family and new family.

So I guess that’s it.

PS. I’ve drafted this two or three days since we arrived home and forgot that I have it on my drafts. And last night I finished drafting few posts, productive Sunday evening for my blog. Yay! 

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