Vacation Haul | 2016

The reason behind me not blogging for a while is because my family and I took a month long vacation in the Philippines. But no worries, I am back in the States, finished editing some of the photos I took and will try to publish at least once or twice a week. And I’ll probably start working on the posts sometime next week or whenever I am free, since I start working again next week. So let me start this vacation posts with this vacation haul.

These are just things that I bought and others are from my lovely friends.

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Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Since we don’t have stable internet connection from where we are staying I decided to purchase a book instead. To be honest, I haven’t read it that much since we always go out and I always sleep instead. But one of my goal this year was to finish one book, hopefully this will be the first!

Kota Yamada is an author from Cebu, Philippines; and I first saw his account on Instagram last year. And I really loved the poetry he write and when I knew he published a book, I was eager to get it but never really got a time to do in the states nor don’t know how I could process anything on the transaction. So during our vacation I grabbed the opportunity to get the book. And Kota Yamada was so nice to answer all my query and help me to a fast phased transaction. I absolutely love every piece in this book and loved that I got a personalized note from him too!

And last January 04, me and my college friends had their annual Christmas Party which I was so lucky to be a part of it.

We were all asked to give what’s on our wishlists and since I don’t know what I really want, I just added two of Abbey Sy’s Hand Lettering books and one of Michael Faudet’s. So then, I received a message the day before the party informing me that the books were all sold out, so I just added another item on my wishlist, which is a journal and a decent pen – just because I really love to doodle and write scraps. But then I was so surprised that I got this Daily Journal since I was really eyeing it the day I saw it in the bookstore, but don’t want to purchase it just because I am saving up. But hey, I am really happy that I got this book. So thank you thank you! 😀

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This was from the family of my sister’s boyfriend. Pampanga is where Christmas Lanterns are made, well most of them. We even got to see the Giant Lantern Festival, I might actually write something about celebrating holidays back home when I have a chance. So anyways, they got us this lantern where we could hang it in our cars! It’s so lovely, we even tried it in my sister’s car and honestly one of my favorites!

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Since I’ve mentioned favorites, this one is my favorite. Like I literally smiled and almost cried when I saw this on the bag. It’s like a visual representation of myself and what I love to do: photography and being on the computer – plus it has glasses, so I still think that this is me in a cartoon form or whatever you call it. I love it, and was so touched by the letter she gave me. Oh, this was from my college friend, she even added the photos we had which is another reason why I almost cried.

And oh, I did actually purchased a backpack from Vans before Christmas, as one of my wishlists! It’s much cheaper since I got it for only 600 PhP because it was on its yellow tag sale, which is not bad after all. I got the bag tested and used it as my carry on bag on our way back here in the US. Oh wait, I did purchase a flats and a Philippine made sandals which I absolutely love, it’s so comfortable to use and can’t wait to use it here though.

And yeah, that’s most of it from my vacation haul, I was planning to do a vlog about it instead of typing it, but I’m too shy to talk in front of the camera and will look super awkward while doing it.

By the way, how are you all? I’ll be back with few more posts and I’m already back to my regular tweeting habit ~

14 thoughts on “Vacation Haul | 2016

  1. It’s great to have you back on the blogging scene! ^_^ How was your vacation? I see you have a lot of things you hauled, love the journal the most! 😀


    1. I’ve been trying to finish up few posts pero I end up watching movies instead. Haha. I’ll probably use the journal for memories.


  2. I love the cartoon figure. I think if I received one, I’d be so happy to have my own figure. Haha! Hmm, I love the bag the most (I think) especially I badly needed to have a new backpack. Hehe. 😊


    1. It’s really lovely! I can’t stop looking at it and I’m just so happy that it captures some of the things I love to do (course with camera and laptop) haha. Maybe tomorrow i’ll update this post and add few more photos.


  3. How was your vacation in the Philippines? Can’t wait to hear about it!

    Your mini me version is soooo cute! Would love to have one for myself, too. Haha. Just like you, I’m *struggling* to start the vlogging venture. But I can’t seem to convince myself that I’d do good in front of a camera. I hope we could overcome that this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m surprised to even get my mini me version. And I’d probably won’t be able to do vlogging din as I’m really shy and awkward in cameras, even in video calls. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Considering of making vlogs too. I have lots of videos shot inside the school, my classmates and to some places I’ve been to but I don’t know how to edit videos. When I had a vacation in the Philippines, I tried looking for Abbey’s journal but the three NBS na napuntahan ko, walang stock. So sad. Haha. Anyway, I’m happy you had your vacation in the Philippines!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Super nice items from your haul. It was so sweet of your friend to give you such. That’s something I’d really want to keep. And the cartoon version of you is so cute!! I also wanted one of Abbey Sy’s journals but gah I need more money for it. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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