Thank You, 2016!

Few things why I am writing this post: (1) I miss writing/blogging and (2) I have free wifi again! And I know, I’m like a week late for publishing this post, forgive me for being late, but you know – better late than never!

Let me start by saying, Happy New Year! How are your New Years? How’s your 2016? I’m telling you, my 2016 was great – more like a roller coaster of happenings and a lot to be thankful for! And since we’re talking about my last year, let me share you few of my highlights!


  • My family and I visited Virginia twice. Slept with the family, had fun with the kids and had a really great time with them. Our first visit was in May during tht twins’ baptismal. And the second visit was when we visited our Uncle who was in the hospital. And can I just add that I might be needing your help for my Uncle who is still in the hospital, but he is recovering. You can help him through prayers or by visiting the GoFundMe page that his friends have set up for him. Visit the page: HERE
  • Alongside with the Virginia trip, my family and I got to visit Baltimore, Maryland for an hour. Which is pretty exciting and really great. You can check more of the Baltimore post HERE.
  • And you know that I lovr New York! And last year, we visited the state – twice! First was back in August, when me and my college friends decided to meet up and spend a good time exploring the city.
  • And the second time was back in Septemeber, when me and my sisters walked our way from the fifth avenue to the Central Park.
  • And on December, me and my family packed our bags for a month trip in The Philippines to visit family and friends. And probably explaines why I am not blogging for a while. But soon as I am back in the US, I’ll be editing photos and drafting posts to be published!


  • The BlankPolaroids is still on its original name after almost two years in WordPress.
  • My baby hit +7,000 views before the year ends, which is a big thing since I never knew that this blog will still be here.
  • I started to receive emails wanting to collaborate with me and my blog which is pretty exciting and I’m happy about.
  • And I have mentioned it before, on the last week of November, someone from Instagram saw my New York posts and invited me to their photowalk event in New York! I am still thankful for the people who visits my blog and Instagram, I appreciate the love and I’m thankful!
  • I still believe that there will be MORE opportunities for me and my blog in the year 2017!


  • Health is doing real well. I don’t get dizzy that much unlike before.
  • I got to meet new friends on the last month of the year, which is really good.

That’s what most of my 2016 highlights were all about. Also, please like The BlankPolaroids on Facebook to connect and catch up with some of my blog posts! I will sure be back on the weekends to post something for the blog.

5 thoughts on “Thank You, 2016!

  1. It’s kinda late also, but happy new year Kristine! I really wish I lived in New York, I really want to go on those photowalks!! Would love to read about it. Well, good luck to you and your goals this year. Hope you have a blessed 2017 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lou! Happy New Year to you too. I’m excited to blog about it as well! Good luck to you too and have a blessed and great 2017!


  2. It’s always great to see when someone’s year-end review includes that their health is getting better! I hope your Uncle continues to recover. Happy New Year! I wish you great things for the new year! 🙂


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