Goodbye, November

Funny how I was supposed to publish this before our vacation but same old me, I forgof about it. And it’s been a while since November left and indeed a fast month! I remember when I was just writing down my October favorites then we’re already so close to the New Year.

I’ll take you back to last month if you may, my November sure is a roller coaster ride! There are times that I wanted to cry, times where I literally cried and times that I am indeed so happy.

This was supposed to be a monthly favorites post, but I think I haven’t been writing too much on the blog so why not I just share to you guys what happened to me over the past month. It’s like looking back on what I did and what are the things happened.

  • In November, I received an email from this organization inviting me to their event in New York. And as a quiet and shy person like me, I thought of it as a big deal. Big deal? Yes, for someone who recognized my art, my photographs – it sure is already a big thing for me. I never really had a proper knowledge about photography and its basics. I learned about it from shooting and practicing photography. And for over almost six years that I had my first camera, this is the thing I’ve been waiting for. I posted it on my Facebook and what I really thought about that email (screenshot on the left). Going back, it was an organization in New York, it’s hard for me to believe that someone actually loved the images I took and that screenshot explains everything I guess. Did I regret not going? Of course. It would have been the break I’ve been looking forward to, not as a blogger or social media influencer (and I never thought that someone would label me as one) but as a hobbyist photographer who had high hopes of becoming a legit photographer. Am I okay? Yes, because I know in time, there will be more opportunities to come.
  • Moving on, my blog reached 7000+ views and almost close to 200 followers! I’ve started this blog because of a long distance relationship and just basically documenting my relationship and what nots before. And now, I’m a year and almost a half on this blog – surprisingly with the same URL and still happy that I write and express my thoughts and photographs with you guys.
  • Oh, another news: In the month of July, a site contacted me through Instagram asking me to contribute to their site. I declined it for a couple months but then in November, I emailed back asking if they still want me to be a part of their team, which  luckily they did. So I am now a part of their, well not really a part, but I am an author for their site.
  • I already posted my Baltimore blog, you can view it HERE
  • Work is doing so well, been moving and walking around doing sorts.
  • I’ve decided to shut down my Society 6 shop, because I don’t it won’t work for me. So I’ll just try to focus taking photographs and hoping someday, someone will notice it and another opportunity will come in, right?

Well I guess that’s most of the things that happened in my November. I stopped using Snapchat and Instagram stories because it takes up a lot of my phone storage. Anyways, how are you doing? Ready for Christmas??

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, November

  1. I’m sure, in time, more doors will be opening for you to practice your passion. 💙 Congrats, anyway! Hope you’re having a great December. ☺

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  2. Hi Kristine! OMG I haven’t been in your blog since forever!!!! Anyway, I feel you with photography. Like I started thinking of booking myself an event so I could have something for my portfolio, and I was very shy at first thinking that I can’t do it without the help of my friends. As I keep shooting, and playing with my camera I learned what works and what doesn’t. Soon, new doors will open for you to practice and show your craft, just keep shooting and never get tired of it 🙂 I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year! I hope the coming year will be good to all of us 😛


    1. Hello Danica! I agree, I just shoot and take bunch of photos purely for fun and if someone likes it then it’ll be great. I do hope there’ll be more opportunities next year for us! Merry Christmas Danica! 🙂


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