Baltimore Inner Harbor | Maryland

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we head our way to Virginia to visit some relatives. It was our second time visiting them (the last time was back in May) and this time, it was a full house! We drove almost four hours and stopped once and I slept most of the times to avoid the motion sickness I had the first time we visited the state. 

On Saturday (November 26th) around 10 AM we started packing our stuffs to head back to New Jersey. But then our uncle told us that we can stop by at Inner Harbor for a bit since it’s on our way and because why not. And to be honest, I have no idea where are we going. I googled it and since I am impatient and don’t want to spoil myself on what I am about to see, I decided not to view the images. But you know what’s the worst part….I don’t even have any camera with me, besides my iPhone.

So basically, all photos that you’re going to see on this post are from Sigfreid – my iPhone 6s+ and all are edited using the VSCO app.

From Virginia it took us like an hour and a half to reach Baltimore, Maryland.

Processed with VSCO with wwf preset
This view from the parking lot was really lovely!

It was really a good day for a nice walk in front of the waterfront. The cold breeze of the wind and how really beautiful the place was. I am always at the back of the line because I take photos and wanting to document this unplanned trip, because I know it won’t happen again.

Upon entering the harbor, you’ll be able to see some of the cruises where you can take a look inside for an hour for some bucks and of course we didn’t do that part but I tried taking photos of it.


If I am not mistaken this was my first time to see any sea vehicle or whatever you call them ~ hahah

We took bunch of photos and like I said, I didn’t brought my camera with me because I didn’t know we are to visit this place. And there are tons of things to do in Inner Harbor than looking and sight-seeing ~

photo-nov-26-12-14-55-pmphoto-nov-26-12-14-59-pmProcessed with VSCO with c6 presetphoto-nov-26-12-17-35-pmphoto-nov-26-12-18-23-pm

This was infront of The World Trade Center – Baltimore

Baltimore has also like the New York’s Top of the Rock (where you basically see the entire Manhattan on top).


And there are also few shops where you can get some souvenirs and few shopping centers. They also have an Ice Skating rink for the people who wants to skate and I think at night they have like a Christmas themed (which obviously I forgot the correct term to use) park or somewhere the place.

After strolling for an hour and half, we decided to head back to the road since we only had rental car, so we had to return it back on time. Nonetheless, this unexpected Baltimore trip was indeed one of the highlight of my Thanksgiving holiday.

I think I am a little in love with city roads and buildings. That is why you’ll probably see me taking photos of buildings (that is of course if you see me do it, I always do this every time we go in New York).

That concludes my Baltimore experience. It was short but FUN! And I somewhat crave for small travels like this, I mean I find new things and experiences added to my life. New memories and new learnings. I hope to have more small travels in 2017!

8 thoughts on “Baltimore Inner Harbor | Maryland

  1. I actually live not to far from the Inner Harbor and you pictures make it look so beautiful! I guess living here you don’t see it in a tourist view!


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