Lessons I’ve Learned From My Past Relationship

It’s funny that I’m writing this, and you probably will laugh about it and say, “Oh, she isn’t over with him yet. It’s been a year, move on girl!” Actually I’m over with it. This will be just few realizations I had over the year.

Every people we come across and even who left a remarkable note in our life will always leave a life lesson — either you’ll keep it your entire life and learn from it. Relationships are tough, and I’m sure breakups will make you a stronger person. With every tear you shed and smile you had, it will always teach us a lesson.

I’ve been in a relationship before and after a year of the break up, here I am – much focused on work, family and myself. Other than that, that breakup taught me few life and love lessons and reason why I’m writing this post is  to share them to you.


I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year, that’s why it explains why I still have Long Distance category on my blog and I have a soft spot for LDR couples. Anyways, I realized that being in a long distance requires both couple to act on the problem together, whether good or bad. It’s about two people working things together and facing problems together. And one thing about LDR is constant communication, talk when you hate something and talk when you’re angry. Communicate.


One thing I learned about my past relationship, is that sometimes crying can ease the pain we feel in the heart. Cry in the shower, cry yourself to sleep or cry at random times — though that sometimes it’s not healthy. Crying only meant that you’re strong and can do things you can and can’t happen to do.


Don’t ever make one. It’s either that you’re just really angry at your partner that is why you made the decision, just make sure you won’t do it because you’re just angry. I know, because one time I did that and regret it the next day.


Sometimes all we think is, “Oh, I wanna marry him”, and all that perception will be on your mind (or it’s just me, don’t judge) and thought that you aren’t going to be okay when they’ll leave you. Trust me, you will be okay. Letting go is not always a good thing, but it will always be the best thing to save your heart with all heartaches.

15 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned From My Past Relationship

  1. Could totally relate with everything you just said. Haha! I have this soft spot for LDR, too. Mainly bc I’ve been in two long-distance-relationships (including the one I currently have). Wishing everything would work out well this time around since I’ve already learned from the past just like how you did. Ughh distance sucks. I think this is where my patience got tested BIG TIME.

    xx, The Diary Queen


    1. Distance does sucks, but if you both fight for it for sure it’ll work out. Wishing you too all the best with your love. 🙂 xx


  2. I’ve been in an LDR for 4 years until Gerald got a job in the metro so we’re already out of it. We’re on our 7th year already! During those 4 years we never thought it’s really going to work out well, I mean we weren’t that serious about our future until he moved to the metro and we started travelling together that we became sure of what we really want.

    Also, I’d like to add, I think with an LDR, it is also important to have good communication. Not just the literal means of communication but it’s how you understand each other.


  3. I’ve been in a failed LDR relationship but the distance isn’t the reason anyway. It wasn’t a real relationship either. Although it was just I guess online fling or something lol, I did learn some things on how to handle it. Now I’m in a serious one and I guess it will be a forever LDR cos of his work but with just a few months of us being together in between, it does take a lot of trust but it’s easy to work on it when you love each other and both of you are doing its part. I mean we don’t have to, it just comes naturally cos we love each other. Makes things go fast and the next thing you know, you’ll be together again. 🙂


    1. The more I read these comments, the more I learn things little by little. So thank you. And yes, there’ll be always ups and downs, but you’ll work on it and it’s worth it. 🙂

      Also, I just visited your blog and I love love it! ❤


  4. I totally agree with everything! Although I haven’t been in a LDR, well for at most 2 weeks, I still believe that you two should make things work. Also on letting go, I do understand its thought but I haven’t experienced it, in terms of couple relationship, in some others stuff, I do. Well, when you let go there’s always someone or something who’d be much better, you just have to wait for it! 🙂 ❤


  5. Relationships are all just learning experiences. Break ups are good, it allows us to undersrand what didnt work in the relationship and allows us to see what we do and don’t want. Lovely post and so well writte. Such true lessons to have learnt.
    I found your blog on bloglovin and have followed, would be great if you could check out mine too!

    Harriet- http://www.harrietday.com/


  6. Aww I totally agree with everything, most especially the 1st and the 3rd lesson. My last relationship is an LDR din, and I must say it really is hard. And yaaaaas we shouldn’t make decisions when we’re angry, sad, disappointed, and frustrated. I still regret everything that I said the day we broke up just because I was disappointed…this makes me nostalgic haha.


  7. Some of us believe that crying is a sign of weakness. Little they know, if it makes someone feel a little bit better, it’s definitely fine! Our hearts are stronger than what we think. 🙂


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