Central Park Zoo | New York

This is a part two of my New York post, hopefully won’t be the last ~

From the Flatiron District, we just walked our way to the Central Park. That’s from 23rd street of fifth avenue TO 59th street of fifth avenue (which ranges to the 100th street). It’s a good thing because we got to exercise and see more things and take bunch of photos. But before we head to Central Park, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to pay it a visit. We also got to see the New York Public Library, which of course I took a photo of it.

New York Public Library
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Central Park was really one of the places I really really want to visit in New York. Probably because I’ve seen it on Serendipity and other movies that are shot in the city. As a matter of fact, we planned to visit Central Park sometime last year, but we didn’t got so much time and decided to not to go instead.

As we arrived the Central Park, we took a rest for a short while and watch some artists who drew people on the spot. Like they are so amazing and wishing I could draw like them too. Then walked a little more further and sat down again and  watched this guy who entertains kids with his hat and hand gloves, like I laughed a lot.


First on our Central Park list was the Central Park Zoo. I felt like a kid again seeing these zoo animals and like really made me happy. We just took the cheaper ticket because we really don’t need to see the Ice Age in 4D but I wanted to, but we don’t need it. So we just enjoyed taking photographs of the animals.




By far my favorite photo, because just look how calm this is.




Red Panda hiding from me ><






I am expecting to see a panda bear on the trip, but I guess I expected too much OR didn’t know that much about zoo animals. HAHA. But hey, we saw a red panda and a penguin which are A LOT! They’re so cute when they walk.

This was supposed to be a one post about Central Park, but then I realized it might get too heavy with the images, so there will be a part three for this blog posts. 🙂

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