Flatiron Building + Madison Square Park | New York

I’ve been following a couple photographers on Instagram and most of them are New York based photographer. Like I mean, who wouldn’t love to see New York skyscraper and every thing about New York, right?

To be honest, my family and I have been going to New York pretty much every year. And every time we visit New York we are only be at the same locations: Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The itinerary will change if we really plan something ahead of time, on where to go and what to do. And as a young adult, I crave for long walks and slight traveling. And it took us literally couple years to finally go to New York by ourselves. As per usual, a Filipina who is afraid to get lost in a big city, I always use my GPS to travel here and there.

And lately, I’ve been seeing photos from the Flatiron Building and craving to visit some parks. You might question me now why I don’t visit parks here in New Jersey instead, well maybe because I haven’t googled any park here, but that will be next on my list. And I’ve been wanting to go to a new place and just roam around. I saw this one place somewhere which I never thought that New York has. Our first stop was, Koreatown~

It’s our youngest sister’s birth month so we decided to treat her and since she love Korean Pop, we took her to Koreatown and let her enjoy few hours of the day.

*Koreatown is centered on West 32nd St between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue (via Wikipedia) ~

We arrived Koreatown around 7 AM which is really early, so most of the establishments that day are still closed. Luckily we found one restaurant open so we decided to eat something first before hitting the long walks. I am too bad at naming and remembering places, I didn’t even got the name of the place where we ate, but I took some photos.

Processed with VSCO with wwf preset
I really don’t know any Korean food or something, but when the guy handed these foods my sister told us that it was kimchi.

And believe me, I have never had Korean food before – like ever. My sister buys Korean noodles and sometimes kimchi but I don’t eat it or something. I am not a fan of spicy foods that is why I have no idea what I got. I just pointed something at the menu that is not orange-y or that doesn’t look so spicy. So this is what I got….

I have no idea what this is, but it tasted so good ~

After we had something for our hungry tummy, we head out and looked for the flatiron. And I thought we have visited it before, but maybe it was just on my dream. I even checked our hard drive to see if we ever went there, but nope. So it was really a happy day for me when I saw the building right in front of me, like I only see it through photos – now I’m the one taking photos of it. I took a lot of photos just because I am in love with it.



We literally crossed the streets twice or thrice just to get a shot of the building. It was really beautiful, even my sisters complained that I took bunch of photos of just the building.


Right after we took photos of the building, we saw that Madison Square Park was just right next to us while we took these photos. Since I’ve googled it before, might as well pay it a visit too.

Most people at the park that time were with their dogs and for some reasons, squirrels on that park listens to people. Like not really listen, but they are like friendly. Maybe because it’s a park and squirrels got used to people walking there all the time. And I didn’t really took that much photos of this park, because I was focused on how the park looks like and just wanting to enjoy the view.

Enjoy these photos as of the moment, I’ll be back with another post for some more photos ~



View of the flatiron building by the Madison Square Park

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