YES! + Times Square | New York

I think I have posted the same images of Jason Mraz on my Instagram a thousand times, it’s because maybe I’m still not over the fact that I saw him – on my own eyes. YES! Yes, I saw him and YES!, that’s his album that year.

Okay, I have posted this before but I deleted it, since I didn’t edited the photos and I’m planning to attach the videos I have, but then it’s a little too late for this post. So, since it’s Thursday tomorrow — it’ll be my Throwback Thursday post.

July 18, 2014 when I saw my Jason Mraz. I think I heard his first song back in college, I remember asking my friend to download I’m Yours and Make It Mine and have it bluetooth-ed on my phone. I grabbed the opportunity, though I have work on Friday that year, I asked my dad and boss if I could take the Friday off that time instead of Monday. And they agreed, my dad agreed to it. I was actually surprised that day, because he let me and my sister go to the city — just the two of us!

A little flashback……we were already up around 5 AM so we could prepare and get at the earliest we could be at New York, since The Today Show starts around 8 AM and the Concert Series is on. My emotions that day, were all mixed up. I’m happy, excited and nervous and all. Too bad we end up at the wrong side of the stage. That’s why most of my photos are all his back, but hey – I got to hear him sing and that’s what matters.


3/4 of Raining Jane

He was promoting his YES! album that time, and I’m so glad that I bought it, I actually pre-ordered it then. He performed: I’m Yours + Lucky + Love Someone. And we’re so lucky to get these photos plus all zoomed-in (because of my 55mm-300mm lens) because the two ladies who gave their space to me, just to take photos. I still can remember it after two years, though.



Right after we watched The Today Show, we head back to Times Square and did a little stroll. My sister and I decided to go inside Madam Tussauds since we’ve been planning to go here since we arrived New York the first time. It’s not a waste of time and money, to be honest. We did enjoyed almost an hour or two of strolling around the wax museum.

I wish I could show you all the wax photos we took, but maybe next time…next time. But here’s one 🙂


I still can’t believe I got to see Jason Mraz, even after two years have passed. I wish I could see him on a tour or something, that would be so wonderful if ever ~


And that concludes my Throwback Thursday post. I’ll try to show you guys the videos I took of him performing few of his songs — if my Adobe Premiere works on the weekend. Hahaha. And hopefully to explore more of New York streets…..soon.

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