The High Line + Museum Of Modern Art | New York

It’s one of those days when you and your friends planned something for quite a long time. We’ve talked about seeing each other sometime in July but things happen and we moved it a month after. The last time I saw them was back in 2011, right after our graduation. So it took me like almost five years to go out and see some friends. Definitely the best one I had in year 2016 and hopefully not the last. She had the day planned and set up an itinerary and I just went with what she had planned for us. Sure, I know I’ll enjoy my time. And since I really have no idea how New York works and all its places, knowing that I’ve been in NY every year, I just don’t go other places than Times Square, that’s why most of my photos were all the same. Since she planned it, I got really excited because it’ll be a new experience for me. YAY!!!

* Okay, I was planning to split this blog in parts, but I realized that I didn’t took that much photo, so this will be kinda lengthy post and a little more photos than the usual ***

I woke up around 6 AM and actually prepared around 7:30 AM, I charged my camera which I noticed that I left it open on my bag and my polaroid camera, but didn’t used it. I also brought my Ollo Clip, but again – didn’t used it. We actually arrived New York around 10:30 AM, I didn’t slept on the train which is really good, but the reason was — I am afraid waking up and feel dizzy and not enjoy the day. So anyways, we arrived the city safe and got to see friends!

Our first stop was: The High Line.


I’ve never been to this side of the city to be honest, that’s why when she told me that we’re going to this place, I googled it and browsed for images what it looked like. The weather that day cooperated with us, and gave us a pretty much warm but nice weather.


Soon as we reached the destination, this is the first thing we stumbled upon. I was so amazed with the beauty of the place and how I didn’t knew about it or never heard of it before.

It’s actually nice to experience new things with new people I have in my life, who I call my friends. Luckily, I got a clear photo of this car, which is obviously made from scrap car materials, which I just noticed now, that it has something planted in it. Cool!

We then continue to walk until we reached somewhere in between the location. It was surreal, the beauty of New York will never fail to amaze me.

Here are some more images from The High Line.

Okay I didn’t know that High Line was an abandoned rail road track that they remodeled to look like this. Wow. (read more from High Line’s wikipedia page)




But you know what’s the highlight of this High Line trip? I got to see The Statue of Liberty!

It’s one of my dream to actually see The Statue of Liberty, and I hope one day I’ll get a photo of it and experience to see it in my own eyes.

Our next stop was at Chelsea Market. These are just the photos I have from the Market, but I have short clip which I’ll be posting in a few. But anyways, we had lunch and got to spend a little more time resting and talk about lives.

En route to Museum of Modern Art

After we had our lunch, we head out to Museum of Modern Art. I really don’t have a bucket list, but it’s on my list to visit a museum because I really haven’t gotten into one and I’m already twenty-five. Yesterday was a full of excitement and a full of firsts for me! I am already itching to see this museum as soon as I saw this on a friend/blogger’s snap before. I googled it and since I kinda but not really really die hard in to art, I gave it a try. I even looked at vlogs about MoMA and other things about it.



* I think the museum is not allowing to take photos on certain floors but I got few photos, so let’s see ***


I could have SnapChat-ed everything what happened the whole day but I seriously can’t because I’m way too busy taking photos. This was our last stop since we spent almost half the day at the museum. We were supposed to go to another museum but it’s getting late for us, we had to end the trip at MoMA.




That was by far the longest I have stayed in New York and by far the most amazing experience ever. I think I’m achieving most of the 2016 goals I had in my mind. I really really had so much fun, like I can’t contain any emotions and I still am fascinated with New York every time I see photos of it, especially the ones I took and the one I saw with my own eyes.

And that I think concludes my lengthy post. I can’t wait to explore more of New York and visit more scenic places. I think I’ll be forever amazed by the city and its architectural designs. And oh, me and my friends got only one photo, which I think is the best. It doesn’t matter how many photo we had, most importantly is that we enjoyed the time we had yesterday. xx

8 thoughts on “The High Line + Museum Of Modern Art | New York

    1. New York is really amazing and one of the places I always visit and always fall in love with it! I haven’t been to Top of the Rock, but you should go try to go there too. And hoping you enjoy your New York trip as well ❤️


  1. Love this!! Did u know that I haven’t visited the Statue of Liberty yet? Hahahaha!! I’ve been to NYC for countless of times and I haven’t been there. How crazy. We planned on going this summer but we are so tired with LA that we deciced not to go. But anyways, hope to see you soon there and plan a visit to DC too!! I’ll tour you around! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. I haven’t visited The Liberty too, I’m planning to go pero I don’t know when. Maybe that would be my goal next year, to see The Liberty. Hehe. 🙂


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